World of Warships Legends Best Moments 10

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The 10th installment of the Best Moments series! a compilation of memes, funny moments, best plays and more!

Deltarune – glamour dance
10 mantra – mamoru kun has been cursed


  1. Bro your vids are the best keep up the good work 👏

    • In your next vid you should find a clip when you destroyed a ship and it split in half the que the flex paste/tape commercial. When it says. “I Cut this Boat in Half”

  2. I was just rewatching the other best moments and then this one pops up hell yeah

  3. Feels like just yesterday I was watching episode 1!

  4. Glad you’re back man I really missed you’re vids

  5. Wowzah, the tenth episode of the Best Moments series! What a Journey! So thankful for all of you who have tagged along for the ride.

    Sorry about the lack of uploads lately, this current update really fell flat for me and that reflected in my motivation to make content. Normal service will resume from now on however, next patch is shaping up to be a banger.

    • Played against you In my kg, you and your mate in the azuma, absolute pain InThe arses to deal with 😂

    • I need to Download World of warships but my Computer is crashing everytime when i am downloading

    • bullying idiot peoples and peoples with mental problem are not fun!!!

    • Hey brother I just want to show you my appreciation. Thanks for all the laughs but more importantly for teaching me how to get better in the game. I’ve learned to enjoy the game a lot more since discovering your channel. You’re always welcome to show your presence in my stream on twitch. I owe almost all of my success to you and your content. Thank you- AngelRamboJr

  6. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Legendary series mate!

  7. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Congrats to the 10th best moments video 😀

  8. Easily the best episode yet!! Awesome work 😎

  9. Seems like just yesterday, u had less than 1 k subs when u started this series

  10. My biggest fear: being on the receiving end of a best moments vid😭

  11. they probably sent you hate messages for using CV

  12. Damn my guy how are you so good, it’s bonkers!

  13. 1:20 ish.

    What seems to be, F15 Eagles bombing a WWII warship.
    What a time to be aliivee

  14. The last place I expected to see Eddie Hearn is on a WOWSL Montage🤣🤣

  15. wow feels a long time since you posted a new best moment vid

  16. “Man, those F15s and their laser guided bombs!”

  17. NC is literally an Iowa clone lmao

  18. At the beginning of the video, you killed my friend. I will take revenge🤣

  19. Ottoman Productions

    Wish I would of recorded it but in arena I was in my Yolo and I went between a Georgia and a kgv litterly went between both em and sunk em both in one run

  20. hey, i just found this channel but i wanted to let you know how enjoyable these videos are
    also your aim is incredible in terms of both shells & torpedoes, kinda makes me forget about how bad my aim is …
    do you have any tips? long distance aim maybe? or which ship type is most effective? or perhaps which nation is best to choose?
    when i first started, i chose the battleship because of its power, in which i learned had limited maneuverability (which means dodging torpedoes is hard), so at about V or VI i chose the cruiser so i could have decent artillery while being somewhat maneuverable. turns out i didn’t get very far…
    i’m thinking about switching to destroyer but i’m not sure
    some of my favorite parts are 0:20, — 1:00, — 1:12, — 1:45, — 2:00, — 2:28, — 3:03, — 3:12, — 3:25, — 4:05, —5:00, —5:25, — 7:08, — 7:20, — 7:33, — 7:40
    just subscribed, time to watch the other 9 parts

    • I find it better to learn things naturally, play a bunch of nations and a bunch of ship classes and find what suits you the most. Every class is effective and every class has different subclasses within them so i’m sure you’ll find a ship that suits you. From what you said I feel like French Battleships would suit you and also happen to be my favourite battleship line in the game. You have a good balance of firepower and mobility. To top it off richelieu, in my opinion, is the best T7 tech tree battleship in the game.

      Aim and knowing what ships are best to shoot at and when just come from experience and trial and error. Play around and just have some fun in low tiers until you feel confident in your abilities and desire a greater challenge.

      I’m glad to have you on board though Alexander, I hope you enjoy the rest of my content 🙂

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