World of Warships legends Best Moments 5

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5th installment of the Best Moments series! a compilation of memes, funny moments, best plays and more

Inferno eurobeat remix
Bensound s3xy
Outer worlds – Elevator hope
Jock Jams – are you ready for this
Infraction – Cyberpunk 2077
Miguel Johnson – No Turning Back
Darren Curtis – Lost World
Vanoss – Elevator Music
Savfk – The Grid
Neo Nomen – Karlson


  1. Haha really good video

  2. I feel dirty saying it, but i’m actually really enjoying playing Carriers. How about you guys?

  3. 11 comments and 5 comments🤔
    Edit: I disliked trying to like 🤣

  4. *sheds a tear*… Beautiful!

  5. wich is the video from girls reaction on yahagi kill?

  6. I love see idiots getting from things that are so simplel

  7. Every time I watch you it makes me want to go get on and go in!!!!

  8. Smashing!

  9. 5:35 I love this edit so much

  10. Legends version of Daniel Rusev! Keep up the great work

  11. Oh boy that was awesome! Keeper gping

  12. The moments I saw carriers were releasing I use the same splatoon reference +100

  13. I love the hunting a “Lyon” on two brothers music. 😅

  14. Loved the prison break edit I’m on s3 ep4 and loving it

  15. How did you get so good at editing?

  16. Cheesy Hamburger Jr.

    0:43 @pgrapidz Ah yes, I can see that you’re a fellow weeb as well

  17. Lolol fantastic editing 😂

  18. I can’t believe this is the content I’m competing against for peoples eyeball machines 😉

  19. I could watch these all day 😂 Your vids crack me up. Hope you release more soon!

  20. am sure i fought u before

    am zero_q8

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