World of Warships Legends Best Moments 7

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7th installment of the Best Moments series! a compilation of memes, funny moments, best plays and more


  1. I look forward to to these vids, they so funny

  2. Miguel Ángel González Ceballos

    oh man, Let the Naval battles begin

  3. Ohhh, these are so good!!
    I was in a game with you just now, you were in the lexington I was in the yammy….killed the lightning who was just about to torp you 😄 gg

  4. Yessss a new one


  6. Editing is just too good

  7. Quality video that makes me smile.

  8. The dankest of memery, a true connoisseur

  9. This Series must continue!Great job man.

  10. Evan Stewart-Brown

    Tirpitz, one of the mighty Bismarck class battleships: YOU FOOL! GERMAN SCIENCE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD, SECOND TO NONE!
    Some floating panini: *s p a g h e t t i*

  11. Outbound Flight Gaming

    Everyone’s reaction to stellar clash

  12. Xx_Nolxne_xX Xx'_Nolxne_'xX

    I was whaiting for a long time

  13. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    It is just a perfect cutted video pg!✌

  14. That Hail Mary shot you did form the Monarch prior to getting torp’d…..

  15. Ahhhhh, it’s that time again 🍿

  16. Pour one out for the innocent benson who died so that the meme could live 🍺

  17. Don’t think I didn’t notice the shark girl (gura) edit 🥸

  18. he makes it look so easy I feel like I’m so bad lol

  19. why don’t you have 50k subs TODAY???

  20. 😂😂God these are gold…
    Vam dam a great touch.
    “Mine mine mine mine mine”

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