World of Warships Legends Best Moments 8

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8th installment of the Best Moments series! a compilation of memes, funny moments, best plays and more

Jump – Equinox remix
Team America theme song
Doom OST – Rip and Tear
Odyssey – Still The Same
Neo Nomen


  1. It’s a good day when pg uploads

  2. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    That best moments are the best 😀

  3. Great editing man 👍

  4. funny how when I make a devistrating strike i feel not amused at all but the music and the anime stripes sure do help with that nice job

  5. Kleber vs Chap xD nice win!

  6. What a nice and chill video. The Bismarck clips were much enjoyed.

  7. Athanasios Kokkalis

    Fantastic vid pg 🙂

  8. When will players in cruisers, be it light or heavy, ever learn not to underestimate the AP on destroyers. My Tashkent eats light cruisers for breakfast.

  9. Yunus Sarıçam

    Great shots, as always

  10. Legit lulz with Agent Smith 😆

  11. “I’ve been looking forward to this” -Dooku

  12. *mild panic while scanning the player names*

    Another video without me looking like an idea = win!

  13. looks like i’m gonna be in your next kléber video😂 just played against you and got railed in the end lmao

  14. we need MORE
    solid vid tho 10/10 M8

  15. Anyone knows where to download those UI mods?

  16. How to know it’s gonna be a good day: PG uploads

  17. TheOffsidevinko

    An extra banger of a track for this video. Nice!

  18. ахах, pgrapidz, супер, жги ещё! :))

  19. Courtland Stavley

    Thanks for making this game look cool…and giving me epilepsy from the edits lol

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