World of Warships Legends Best Moments 9

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The 9th installment of the Best Moments series! a compilation of memes, funny moments, best plays and more!


  1. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Pg: brings a video out
    Me: *close another video to watch this one*

  2. I see a video from Pg
    I click as fast as I can

  3. Oh bonne vidéo pgrapidz tu es le meilleur, bonne chance pour la suite.✈🇫🇷

  4. Ohhh look at this dude. Amazing job man

  5. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Whoever says it is impossible to hunt DDs and sink them with a carrier:

    • CableReadyTechnoSIut

      I run Fishy as commander, have the torps going 57 knots, much easier that way 👍

    • I’ve found it easier to get them with bombs than torpedoes.

    • @EagleScoutof007 I use my dive bombers to target destroyers when I’m running US or IJN, I hunt DDs with German ones using torps

    • @Kevin Dorris German planes are the best for it. They are quick and can easily adjust to ships turning. They also have quick dive times unlike american planes, its crazy, and theyescape fast as hell.Only problem they got is going up against American bbs. American AA will eat you alive.

      You’ll eventually kill the BB but you’ll lose a shit ton of planes in the proccess lol. I’ve definitely noticed this as when Im targeted in my american bbs I usually average around 22 to 30 planes shot down.

  6. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    What everyone hopes: *not to see pg in the enemy team*

  7. Great vid lad keep it coming 👍

  8. I hope that PG is in my team one day

  9. I was really hoping your Orkan would get the secondary kill on the ranger… but, you’ve got to be getting close to Kleber, and you’ll most likely become a total addict like myself..

  10. That Yamato tyler1 clip had me dying 😂

  11. I sense a alaska best moments

  12. Williamson Sonder

    I play in games with all kinds of CCs, like Let Um Peek and Spartan Elite 43, but I’ve played against PG, and for some reason, those matches feel like parties, just a different atmosphere when PG is in a game

  13. I should need you to help me gain some credits 🤣

  14. 2 obi wan memes… good job

  15. That nunberg at the last was me I was expecting it to be you when I got hit

  16. New idea: Avada Kedavra!

  17. Love the Alaska clips.

  18. Could you make a vid for ur commanders?

  19. RICOLIVES116 PS4

    I had no idea there was a best moments. I got a few clips for you

  20. Now that I think about it I’ve seen your name quite a bit and pray I’ve never been in one of these clips 😭
    Obitorose17 if you wanna div up man

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