World of Warships: Legends – Big Mamie

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An all-American Classic is coming! She fought through without losing a man in , fired the and last American 16-inch shells of the war, and disabled the Jean Bart at Casablanca. There’s little go wrong with this workhorse of a battleship!
Turn the Tide!

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  1. finally, I can die happy.

  2. What a teaser, not the ship the armor viewer

  3. I’ve seen her in the real world. I can’t wait to command her on the high seas.

  4. Just to be annoying. Armour viewer when?

  5. Armour viewer and Massachusetts? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. I love it!!! Massa was my first premium in wows pc. Armor Viewer we definitely need because knowledge is power. I have never finished a campaign though because I can only play on weekends. Please make it a 750xp ship after the campaign.

  7. Man, I love this game.

  8. She will be the mustang of the wows community-daramo

  9. I can not wait to brawl with her! She will sit nicely next to my Bama in port.

  10. I’m excited about this next update I’ve been asking for Massachusetts for awhile

  11. Let’s see how they nerf it for us this time.

  12. “Hell, it’s about time”

  13. They forgot to show the secondaries shooting everywhere except the ship they’re firing at

    • Well sense the secondary rework they work great in that consumable so the ship was probably using that

    • @lord Redlead 23 I bet they nerfed the secondaries into the ground. Definitely from PC standards, and I bet they also nerfed them because only the germans are allowed to have good secondaries in this game

    • It’s funny you say that, the german secondaries have no buff but range, as far as I can tell the accuracy of those secondaries aren’t buffed at all, and if they are, it’s so marginal it doesn’t matter.

    • @Double Cross oh yeah they only buffed the range on the Bismarck but no other German BB and yeah it’s a shotgun but oh they added a consumable for 30 seconds of actually useful secondaries with a nice long cool down so you can barely use it

    • @Kyle Sealy and the consumable is only worth using on german bbs because they have the quickest reload and the longest range

  14. The most fun ship on pc. I have my doubts when it gets released on legends.

  15. cat is satan incarnate

    From bristol R.I, always loved visiting the Massachusetts over in fall river.

  16. Permafrost Insanity

    I hope Massachusetts “B” makes its appearance as well, I hear its secondaries range it equivalent to German BB secondaries. Very fearsome…

    • Massachusetts “B” has no difference from Massachusetts, except a black camo. Regarding secondaries, her range is equivalent to german battleship secondaries but her secondaries are much more accurate.

  17. That’s great i love the Massachusetts but where is the USS MISSOURI that’s the ship i have been waiting for so long it needs to return

  18. Title Big Mamie
    How i read the title “Big meme”

  19. Not a single guy in a dd: mmm, delicious!

  20. South Dakota’s classes, now what about my NC

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