World of warships: Legends Bismarck secondary build is it worth it?

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Greetings fellow Captains and welcome back, today I painstakingly test how effective the secondary builds are for the Bismarck, and give you an in-depth rundown on how to use the build and answer the question is it even worth it, Enjoy


  1. Outstanding presentation! Well put. Again thanks for bring my channel to mind. Very much appreciated!

  2. Nice informative video mate, did you try Celiax as I believe he has a similar build to Hide but there are some perk diffences between them.

  3. Ive been doing ok in the yamato with no upgrades at all … i weren’t sure if we get to keep the ship after this event? so i thought id save the cash for my first T7 ship.
    Some of my destroyers are not fully upgraded as some of the upgrades increase torp reload times so i just avoid them.
    I use the 2nd build though on my battleships just for that extra damage on the destroyers when they stalking you.

    Enjoyed the video Hive keep it up dude.

    • depends on the destroyer many upgrades increase the range but doesnt state it in the upgrade screen. be worth googling it or just ask in here we have some very experienced dd player.

    • Hmmn ok … range on a few is a bit short so will have a look.
      I just remember some of them adding 20seconds to reload times so i was like hell no!

    • @AvidGamer what destroyers are you working on dude

    • Currently trying to max the Jervis to buy the Lightning … I think it was the Acasta that i didn’t add the Torpedo speed upgrade too as it adds 14 seconds to the reload time.
      Also the Mutsuki i use quite a bit …… i tend to avoid the american destroyers unless my ships are still out at battle.

  4. It’s very well done

  5. Great showcasing of the BISMARCK secondaries.
    You have to point out that they have an awesome arc too. I have a standard battle vid called BRAWLHALLA 2. it was with porcupine and dispersion build and the results were good. Imagine a Scharnhost or a Tirpitz moving in for the kill, a long range secondary build coupled with good maneuvering will save you.

  6. that was a fantastic experiment, thanks for this

    • I think i might do more maybe some ship specific builds, obviously my own captains might restric some build at the moment.

  7. Apart from Bismarck being weak and bugged, NICE VIDEO!

  8. I am disappointed with my Bismarck , great video I want them to buff Bismarck because it’s somehow underwhelming.

  9. I had no idea the secondaries could do that much damage. Thanks for the informative video!

    • it is pretty surprising how much they can do in the right situations isn’t it. had alot of fun making that video, I’m probably gonna do more, it’s all well and good telling people about build but showing the difference I thinks a good direction

  10. Hi TheHive_Hound, have few short clips and a 3 vs 6 including a yamato on enemy side if you like

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Y E S

  12. Yes exactly what I thought. Hide has your main and Hipper because if Hipper was your main you only get HP from Hide but Hide as main, you get so much.

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