World of Warships: Legends — Bushido

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Walk the Way of the Warrior and unlock the fearsome power of Musashi in the new Bushido campaign. 100 Stages, 5 Weeks, Catch-Up Enabled — One unparalled battleship.




  1. When you think you can finally play tier 7 and not have to deal with 18 inch guns, Behold yamatos sister

    • ShayTheSwift_ 432

      @DanLiDon YEET overmatch is calculated by dividing the shell diameter by 14.3. 460/14,3= 32,1 which rounds down to 32mm overmatch and 457/14,3=31,9 which rounds down to 31. Majority of T6 BBs have below 30mm bow and stern plating which means they can be overmatched by tier 7 Georgia’s 457 and there are some tier 7 battleships that have 30mm plating in some areas which can be overmatched by 457.

    • ShayTheSwift_ 432

      @GrimReaper321 Georgia is tier 7 which means if you end up top tier you will overmatch ships like N.C and nagato they have bow plating that’s below 30mm and Georgia overmatches 31mm.

    • ShayTheSwift_ 432

      @shutit actually Georgia is 17,9″

    • @ShayTheSwift_ 432 17.9921″ to be exact

    • I know right b tec

  2. Good campaign but I really think if you guys give us more time like 6 months playing tier7 without facing overmatch guns .

    • @Mustang_hr either game balance was not considered, or wargaming considered Musashi would be treated like a Destroyer and everyone would instantly be frothing at the mouth to shoot the shit out of her to prevent her from becoming an issue…

      But with the average intelligence of the player base, I doubt it, same could be said with wargaming :kek:

    • @Mustang_hr Its needed for BB players that just sit bow in all game and camp at the back and is an alternate to the annoying HE spam. If you sit bow on to 18 inch guns then you ain’t playing the game correctly and there’s really no reason to moan about it because other ships do the exact same thing. Look at Warspite, Mutsu and West Virginia. They overmatch nearly everything at their tier other than the Soviet battleships because of the ice breaker bows.

    • @kieran williams true

    • @kieran williams But here’s the issue. Not only did you just compare T5’s with the likes of T8. You forgot to Mention QE and Bayern are both tech trees that overmatch most T5’s too along with those ships you named. But here is the biggest issue. Nothing in T7 can overmatch Musashi nor Yamato except themselves. That’s the problem whereas T5 you have a two tech trees that can counter Warspite, Mutsu, and West Virginia. Musashi and Yamato have no counter other than themselves and Conqueror’s HE.

  3. I love how it sank the Republiqe

  4. Of course, it was so predictable that Musachi would come out

    Little tips for this one, don’t brawl too much, turrets are really slow, never show broadside like Yamato, and ALWAYS keep a good AA ship with you if there is a CV, this thing AA is laughable, downright bad, you could spit on a plane it would be more frightening

    • 30s for 180 degree, included mod increase reload. It’s not good, not terrible. It’s not problem to deal with CV, because the match is not long enough for CV farm damage

    • @Sovetsky Soyuz wdym a CV can just torp the musashi and cause perma fluds or the same with fires, the CV will be able to wait out the damage con because of the lack of AA. It’ll take maybe two squadrons so at most 3-5 minutes. Seems like a damage farm to me.

  5. Finally i can keep facing 460 mml guns with my tier 6 cruisers in fail divisions

    • @Lady of Olyas C’mon now. You expect people to use their brains like that? Lmao. Bold strategy to assume that but what you said is complete facts though. And to the guy who said that the person might not have a T7. I mean if we just celebrated the games what? 4th anniversary? If said person doesn’t have at least one T7 by now then that’s a player problem. Also, to the guy who suggested the person sold the T6 for the T7….That’s also a player problem….

    • @Godzilla IV 3rd Anniversary*. And new players do exist you know, doesn’t matter how long the games been out if they just picked the game up 2 months ago of course they won’t have a Tier VII

    • @Edward Brooks Correction, 3rd anniversary. As for the rest. I could care less. If a new player buys his way into t6 and fail divisions and his T7 friend doesn’t let him know what he’s getting into then that new player shouldn’t 1: Complain about getting sent back to port faster than he bought said ship and 2: Find a new friend because that friend is as Lady done stated is a shitty friend. I would never uptier my friends who are new players without telling them the damn consquences in the first place.

    • One thing if you completed an event before july kaboom tier VII for free except the time spent to complete said campaign.

    • @Godzilla IV I think the biggest infection to ships and tanks is not enough players with enough brain cells to what the hell they are doing. I’m beta player on ships and a 8yr vet on tanks.

  6. In Germany we say: Vom Regen in die Traufe.

  7. 1.65 sigma dispersion on musashi. Pretty much like Soyuz sigma. Dont expect something magical but if you’re willing to buy it, you gotta be ready for it. Ofc I’ll take it because history 🙂

  8. Can’t wait to see the CV damage records get broken when entire teams of these things fall victim to swarms of planes they have no hope of shooting down lolol

  9. Jackmerius Tacktheritrix

    Yayyyy another ship I will play once and then it will gather dust

  10. Wait, wasn’t the campaign ship suppose to be a museum ship ?

  11. A message for tier VII players

    We will be stuck fighting legendary ships and tier VIII ships for a few months at least i imagine the devs are slowly pushing the lower tier vehicles away from the highest tiers to keep the game balanced and active if you genuinely believe they are going to keep the tier VII ships fighting legendary and tier VIII forever then you are not thinking hard enough.

    i don’t think enough people have tier VIII ships or legendary ships to maintain healthy tier VIII and legendary gameplay and so whilst the devs wait for people to catch up we will be in this state for a bit

  12. Definitely grinding out that one. Also because of history

  13. Wow it can kill anything with one shot and the reload is so quick

    I’m buying this

  14. @Caprise – Music be ready the incoming mosquitoes though

  15. Always blown away by the video quality. Few know how much time and effort this takes! Awesome job Robin, or whomever

  16. Wow, we can’t have one day of t7 actually being fun for a battleship player. I guess I can’t say I’m surprised, this game isn’t about having a fair match, it’s about teaming up with your buddies and rolling anyone stupid enough to play this game solo.

  17. I was expecting this already. Really with how bad Izumo feels I figured this would happen

  18. You sure?

  19. @brian agnew I saw a Baltimore, Republique, Ibuki and the destroyer at the end. Don’t know where the Zao is supposed to be

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