World of Warships Legends Citadel Guide

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  1. I’m loving the game so far I’ve got 2 tier 4s and they are both awesome

  2. Oh lord, arming the masses with citadel knowledge!

  3. Awesome video! I literally just downloaded this game today so this was very useful!

  4. So Spartan, if I can’t shoot you with my guns, can I atleast smash some torpedoes in your handsome face? =3

  5. Can’t wait for the weekend

  6. thanks for the instructions, was helpful

  7. Hope to meet you in battle, may the best captain with the biggest guns win. That or with the most torpedoes… lol

  8. It is working for Xbox one,PC or PS4 ? Thanks guys and hello from Costa Rica.?✌?

  9. Haha, the part at the end. Sadly I don’t think I’ve ever randomly got into a match with Spartan on tanks so I doubt it’ll happen on ships.

  10. They don’t have armor viewer on consoles yet, So, actually the Citadel stretches the length of the ship from the 2nd forward turrent to the 1st back turrent.

  11. Great video! Please make more like this one explaining different mechanics of the game! Have a great day!

  12. First time watching any WoWS L footage. I’ve played PC and blitz and it hasn’t sucked me in like tanks so interested to see how it is on console. Nice video

  13. Thanks man. I played tons of world of tanks. I know plenty. Ships is a different ball game. Wasnt sure where critical/module spots were.

  14. Cheers, all good info. I need plenty. As I understand it a Citadel was the place to starve to death as the enemy waited you out, lol. Torpedoes are scary buggers in this game, so easy to focus on an enemy and not see the bloody things. Peas love and tight edits, Johnno Bloke.

  15. Anyone know what elite xp is used for and where it goes when you have it on your ship ????? Have 11k on new mexico and wondering if i can use it

  16. loving the ending.

    Quiet: Don’t Shoot

    What about Ramming?

  17. People also often go broadside because they’re clueless and have zero situational awareness. ?

  18. Citadel = Heavily armored or heavily fortified…. I go back and look ? at the Citadel Tiger I and at WG ?

  19. But there no armor layout on console yet. They release this game even though it doesn’t have all the ship, armour layout, cv compare to pc.

  20. Although I knew this mechanic, I absolutely loved the way you presented this information. Keep up the videos, because there is definitely a growing community on Xbox.

  21. Thank you for the video. I have been playing for a wile and just did not figure out there was a science to the critical hit. Just thought it was a luck thing, and I was on the short end. Started looking and this is only the second video i have watched about this game, seeking the citadel answer. I have all I need to be a far more effective gunner. You have gotten me really excited to go back and play again. i SUBSCRIBED and really liked and appreciated this video.

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