World of Warships: Legends – Cross Play Trailer

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Cross Play is here!
Now you can battle with, or against, any other player in World of Warships: Legends.

Turn the tide!

Join our Discord server to share some stories with fellow shipmates!


  1. Well done WOWL. All games should feature this standard.

  2. Now me and most of my friends can sail the high seas together

  3. Thanks you guys so much I love this game

  4. wow legends: “For the players”

  5. Honestly didnt expect this

  6. Mai Crocks Oreamuno


  7. So all this really does is decrease queue times, correct? Still cant party with other platforms.

  8. I love this version of world of warships because +1 -1 matchmaking and no paper ships and OP russian ships.

  9. I’ve played both honestly this version is much better. They just need to add more features and ships.

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