World of Warships: Legends – December Update Overview Trailer | PS4

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World of Warships: Legends is celebrating the Holidays! You can build and sail the mighty Yamato, participate in the Last Battleship campaign to earn the Jean Bart, and experience better battles through a second wave of player-driven content.


  1. Like to buy a PlayStation 5

  2. Gean Carlo Loiola Cavalheiro

    Muito top

  3. When are you bringing subs and aircraft carriers?

  4. FreshThanAMotha Fcka#1

    I’m not seeing the ship in the store

  5. Make t 10 Warganoob????????

  6. It’s a classic! It’s must be known! x)

  7. Azur Lane please.?

  8. Death Stranding: Legends.

  9. Is this F2P?

  10. This update reveals a lot more problems with the game than they want to admit.
    I love this game, but man they really screwed it up.

  11. Luis David Morales Villegas

    Yo tengo la play station 2

  12. I have 99920 Subscribers complete to 100,000

  13. Christian Krautwald

    Isn’t it Yamamato? Not “Yamato”…

  14. Only 1 more week until Yamato!

  15. “Day 14 of 2142″… You’ve got to love it!!

  16. bye the way we need flight sim for ps4. Microsoft soft flight simulator is from on exbox wath about ps4?

    ps4 need x plane 11 this is better but we need talk with x plane 11.

  17. a premium ship. why??? i want it in the standart japanese tree. i dont have money for buying premium ships

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