World of Warships: Legends – December Update Overview Trailer

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The Holidays are here!
Try out the mighty Yamato by completing the Giant of the Sea combat missions and earn the Jean Bart through the new campaign!

This update brings changes to high tier ships and battles! Watch the update overview trailer or read the Patchnotes for more details.


Turn the Tide!

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  1. USS Enterprise???

  2. Jean Bart! Thanks Wargaming, something to grind for! Decent update happy Xmas all ?

  3. I need it all now

  4. Merry christmas everyone! ???

  5. Soo the yamato challenges is for everyone? So everyone can get it?

  6. Day 14 of 2412; so the campaign is for about 6 years!!!!!

  7. Yaaaaa

  8. Will we get Russian ships at any point?

  9. Just add a new tiers

    • @Mixednutz_Gaming also we’re getting premium also we don’t have to deal with that gayshit PC deals with the grinding I got top tier in less than a month PC from tier 1 to tier 10 takes way longer than that have you not seen to Puerto Ricoreason why they’re not adding aircraft carriers yet is because they haven’t figured out in PC and everybody’s freaking mad at the balancing this game is actually more balanced than the PC version and that’s sad yes I also thought was a cash grab but honestly why the fuk you keep adding the game with mew free things if it’s all money like honestly don’t need the premium ships have you not seen the new campaign it’s coming bro I’m literally going to get six premium ships for freeexcept one but it’s literally a tier 9 ship from PC so like I don’t care and I’m only going to spend 20 bucks for tr9 ship you don’t hear that in PC

    • @Mixednutz_Gaming there is many examples of new premium ships that don’t exist in PC also there is ships existing PC but they’re not existent for example Arkansas a ship that’s beta for PC but $15 in this game another example Isuzu she a premium ship is free in the tech tree charla Mane doesn’t exist in at all I can go on and on buddy don’t get me wrong you’re right about the cash grab it’s absurd but some opinions were not right let’s just hope for the best for the game

    • Well all I’m trying to say is almost no one wanted Yama as a premium rent a ship

    • @isaac plays games it is going to be a tech tree ship yamoto is going to be attacked your ship permanently next year but we need to add other legendary tier ships this is Early Access

    • Son of a bitch I’m in

  10. I’ve been looking forward to this!

  11. Tier 10 ships!!

  12. Map changes and higher tier reworks. Thank you very much!

  13. Can’t wait to get Yamato when full release awesome wargaming

  14. Found this game on a tops free list on console and I hope there’s the Bismarck I can work up to

  15. Do tier ship still cost credits to play? Like in my Iowa every time I play a match I lose at least 50k

  16. Only 15 seconds on reload booster, kinda to little :/

  17. Aircraft carriers coming soon?

  18. Wows Legends, you might have to change the way ship handles for carriers vs other ships. Like how it controls manuevers and double layered buttons(alts commands by pressing another button like rb/r1 or pressing down the anolouge stick). I really want to play carriers, and if they don’t make it to Legends then I have to drag myself to regular wows which I hear is a shit show with the economy

  19. Amagi nerf is going to kill the ship

  20. Nice !!!!!!!!!

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