World of Warships: Legends — Element of Choice

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You have the Element of Choice in the next campaign.
Two Tier VII destroyers are fighting for your attention, which will you choose?
• The ultimate gunboat—Friesland
• The first Pan-Asian destroyer—Loyang
Pick your ship at the end of the Element of Choice campaign and turn the tide!




  1. Well…I must say that’s a surprise!

    Personally gotta choose Friesland. Loyang without the deep water torps feels more like a regular USN DD.

  2. Personally I’m rooting for Friesland. Feels more unique and can really make an impact in the hands of the right commander.
    The other dd feels like anyone else.

    • I’m kind of hyped for it as well. I really enjoy true gunboats and I’m expecting a very nasty gun dpm if it doesn’t have torpedoes

  3. I’m all in for the Dutch dd it looks Gorgeous!!! I don’t care if it doesn’t has torps

  4. Very stoked for this update.

  5. doomguy .23 from mars

    I never expected this awesome and more Russian ships huh never expected its almost like a new nation update since u just added Russian DDs too

  6. Hey WG, if we are only allowed to pick 1 for the next campaign, will both of them eventually become gxp ships?

  7. POV: you really only care about the Friesland

  8. Friesland is the only good thing about the campaign, loyang and the Russian cruisers killed my mood

  9. Friesland might as well be classified as a patrol boat

  10. Don’t mind me, just stopping by to stock up on salt before winter gets here lol

  11. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Awesome to see that some small marines ships are coming!!!💪 I am excited abkut the Dutch DD 😀

  12. Very interesting, indeed!

  13. Im mainly a Torpedo boat player and so im more tempted naturally to choose the loyang.

    That would be if i wasn’t dutch however.
    Friesland it is

  14. Please add italian battleship

  15. A tier 7 destroyer without torps?! Sounds like a challenge

  16. Seems like the 2 DDs will be perfect for hunting down other DDs and harassing BBs as a gunboat. The next campaign is gonna be hell for BB mains, probably gonna get a lot of angry messages from sunk players again. I can also see the American and German CCs possibly getting popular for this campaign to counter DD spammers.

  17. Yes many players expected a bb but o my that friesland is an absolute minigun

  18. idk who ship choose, probably i was sad if i choose one and isn´t choose the other, that two ships looks really really cool!

  19. I want a shell grouping commander for my roma please do it next update

  20. Teriyaki Flavored Tide Pods

    Are there any new premium ships becoming available in the store?

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