World of Warships: Legends – Experiment Gone Right

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The Legendary family expands further, Legends! The waters will never be safe with this experimental warship around, and get ready for it, as it is coming in the next update!

Turn the Tide!

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  1. * BB players* “ WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!” Lol me being one of those lol

  2. Another IJN torpedoed boat ffs wargaming no this is not what we need

  3. More legendary targets for my cruisers, yay

  4. _610mm long lance would like to know your location_

  5. Let’s goo yudachi ur nothing to this

  6. Would have preferred the harugumeme personally, but shima is gunna be fun too. “Ohh shima, papieren!!!”

  7. Minotaur and Thunderer and Conqueror please!

  8. Wolverine's Blitz den

    Walls of skill incoming…..

  9. Yamatos reign of terror has officially ended

  10. Well it’s been fun my fellow bbs I wish you all fair seas ahead

  11. When will there be a British or French Legendary?

  12. People have been asking for legendary dds. Now we got some now they whinging again. I for one am happy.

    • We need a legendary dd, and an answer to the cruiser hell that’s been going on since June. We now have 2 dds which is moderately concerning with how populated we’ll be with torps from shima but what I want most out of this game right now is a response to the he spam

    • Baguette Boi there is still a max limit of 5 dds per match.

    • @callofdutyguy9 yes but even 2 shimas on one flank will be the end of any bb in the game right now

  13. Love reading all of the comments….

    We will adapt and Overcome as always!

    I’ll also be spending some seat time in Shima to learn her ways!

    • Ay spartan, i devastating striked a yudachi in my iowa with Ap

    • @red fox four the 300 are coming for you!

    • @Spartan Elite43 saying something to yourself is one thing dude but insulting someone and going as far as not only insulting me multiple times with serious insults and even went into the next game still insulting me and my game play style because you refused to change course and got hit by my torp and died if you are ok with insulting people just because you got mad at a video game that just shows everyone your character

    • @Spartan Elite43 but since you titled the video a certain way your free to insult anyone you want is that right?

    • @Red Fox Four Imagine, being so weak that mere words are enough to defeat you.

  14. Legendary Lieutenant

    Another fine addition to my collection cough cough

  15. Sweet. For those that are crying, there is always AI mode.

  16. When I see a shimakaze launch torps at me, I will start playing Tokyo drift

  17. The reign of bb’s is now coming to an end. The era of dd’s start’s

  18. me: gets gk today
    me: well guess il never die again.
    Wargaming: U sure about that?

  19. Dude every legendary game ill just have tokio drift song ready on my cruisers

  20. I would write how the game doesn’t need this but who cares since Yudachi exist.

    Wargaming: *Announces Shimikaze*
    Me who doesn’t even have a legendary yet :[
    Also me realizing I have Cleveland :]

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