World of Warships: Legends – Fly the German Way

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Some call them wonder weapons, they are German aircraft carriers. Rhein, Weser, and August von Parseval join World of Warships: Legends in the June 2021 update.

Check the patch notes for more info!




  1. Lufthansa new commercial looking good

  2. This is were the fun begins

  3. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Schön, dass das Video auf Deutsch war! 😀 es ist einfach super! ;-D

  4. Yeah can’t wait for this to be exactly like PC CV owning the game great job WG

    • Yeah they keep buffing them for some reason. 90% of the people using them can’t hit a damn thing and need more time, yet the things are already getting buffs and now can have invincible planes. Lmao

      Also no matter what they get at least one strike off? If the potato is stupid enough to fly into heavy AA fire they shouldn’t get any advantages.

    • @Mike Abbott The problem is, Wargaming also bases buffs/nerfs on class popularity among other balance factors. This may be the issue why CVs, which probably don’t need buffs, are getting buffs.

    • @Sailor Moon yeah that is a big problem IMO. Let’s make a ship OP because it’s boring as hell to play.

      I tried them maybe a dozen times. Too boring for me. Don’t like the control, of the planes, reminds me of the old rockstar games if you’ve played those.

    • @Mike Abbott Yeah, I too, find CV gameplay well…boring. I prefer battleship or even cruiser gameplay!

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      @Mike Abbott that’s exactly why they’re buffing them because people do not play them right stated by Prince Philip himself but he also stated that once people learn how to play them they will get the Nerf hammer they’re keeping a very close eye to them so they don’t become death stars which is why they keep getting buffed and looked at very fast compared to other ships I really don’t like this type of system but nothing is set in stone like he said and they will get nerfed once people actually know how to play them

  5. The most powerful thing the german carriers have: *stuka siren*

  6. I guess it’s time to return to wows legends

  7. Now just me wondering but uh German cv’s secondary range increase when? (Also tier 7 US and Japan carriers have more secondary guns🤔)

  8. Italian dude Show

    In all fairness they should just beef up the Italian tech tree, only thing there is a few pretty uninteresting cruisers

  9. You can’t hide that code on Augest von Parseval

  10. You guys wanted carriers, so here they are. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  11. Евгений Леонов

    Finally some GOOD German engineering!

  12. Lauri Allan Törni

    Ah yes, I remember when the germans attacked the royal navy with aircraft carriers, and the time they bombed England with, yes those carriers. 🙃

    • I‘m sorry, but by now you should have realized WoWs is about fun (at least they say) and not historical accuracy

    • Lauri Allan Törni

      @YoshiEgg95 fair enough, just a tad bit annoyed that the uk doesn’t have any

    • @Lauri Allan Törni Yeah, I do think that they should add Ark Royal and the others

    • @Lauri Allan Törni wait, it doesn´t?! No wonder you reacted that way how are they just gonna leave out the thing that sealed the fate of Bismarck? xD

  13. BlackedOutKilla Gaming

    Could we get the enhanced secondary attachment on the Siegfried? It deffo deserves it…

  14. Exciting month for Legends – not sure about the CV’s still – but loving everything else – July 4th content and research projects are always amazing – much needed morale boost! 😉

  15. Alright, the thing with using the native language of the ships for the trailer is absolutely awesome, and I’d love to see more of that.

  16. Na I will fly the American way and conquer the Germans once again. 💯

  17. I was expecting British aircraft carriers first but a surprise to be sure but a well one

  18. Ohhhhhh die deutsche Synchronstimme von Bruce Willis meegaaaa immer wieder schön seine stimme zu hören.

  19. Great Job, Great ships. Well done 👏👏

  20. I said it when i see German aircraft Carry’s I’d spend 150$ for gold and we doing it lets go

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