World of Warships: Legends – Galloping Seahorse

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The new update is here! Pan-European destroyers with new Commanders aboard, Belfast ’43 starring in the campaign, debut of Auction, and Arena seasons: there’s plenty of content to choose from.

More details here:






    Excellent 👍
    Auctions are always fun on pc wot good job👍

  2. doomguy .23 from mars

    Nice alot of knew ships tho the campaign could of been better

  3. Евгений Леонов

    So there is no Azur lane Atago at all or you still can get her from the container?

  4. Para quem nao escolheu o Friesland agora é a hora de pegar …

  5. Caprise - Music

    Yes I knew it! Finally Pan-Euro ships

    Cool update!

  6. Can we get Akagi in campaign for or Global exp? Maybe like similar stats to Kaga but a little worse in some areas but better in others?

  7. Used correctly some of those ship’s can be a threat,

  8. Hector Gonzalez

    The best part for me is the return of the Friesland

  9. I’m confident this one might be pretty good

  10. StrangeMitten86

    Why do I feel like there’s a graphics improvement?

  11. Belfast with torps finally great op and the rest looks pretty good as well always something to do on this game

  12. General_Zelovkloskiya

    Time to dominate with Weimar

  13. Still hoping Lenin and Georgia end up in the store for XP like Suzuya. I missed both of their campaigns

    • Lenin wasn’t a campaign ship. It was the price like the lion in the Christmas update. I expect this ship to appear in crates only on Christmas updates

    • @Mr. Haitian well still close enough. Maybe ships like that back even if it’s for a higher then normal XP cost like the Stalingrad. I’ve got the Lion luckily but still want the Georgia and Lenin

    • Yeah I wish I played when Georgia had her campaign, hopefully they will bring her back for global. Even then I’d still want to see Fredrick Der Grobe

  14. Angel Tierradentro

    Genial regresa Azur Lane podré hacerme de algunos skins que no logre conseguir antes :D.

  15. Is it cool if you can work on an alternate British battleship line? And maybe put HMS Revenge as a T5 battleship? Seeing as how the Revenge class was basically a slightly improved and low cost variant of the Queen Elizabeth class?

  16. Auction…. Asif WG doesn’t make enough money or this community 😂

  17. I want the Kutuzov!! Auctions are a horrible idea.. there’s 50 yr olds and trust fund kids with mommy’s credit card.. gross

  18. DOUGzTrooper Suupergenius

    This is Admiral DOUGzTrooper, general quarters general quarters! Man your battle stations!

  19. Hey for when they are going to put the boats of land 8 and 9

  20. “It’s a lot to choose from” – not if you don’t like playing Destroyers it’s not.

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