World of Warships: Legends — Georgia On My Mind

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Did someone say American battleships? ‘Cause, we’re getting more American battleships! get ready for the “Georgia On My Mind” campaign featuring the fast, hard-hitting battleship Georgia armed with 18-inch (457 mm) guns. Plus, get ready to showboat around with a whole new line of US battleships coming soon to a port near you.




  1. Morse code: Flugzeugträger (aircraft carrier in german)

  2. Had to watch that twice just for the music, can’t wait!


    I Wish That You Made NORTH CAROLINA TIER 7 😃

  4. doomguy .23 from mars

    Btw guys that Morse code in the end means”aircraft carrier” in German meaning German CVs soon (they already confirmed German CVs are the next CVs but it looks like it’s very soon ) hears to graf zeppelin

    • VeteranAssassin4

      E. Loewenhardt I hope it comes as a Premium teir 6 or 7. instead of Graf Zeppelin

    • @VeteranAssassin4 carriers are only every 2 tiers and considering loewenhardt is tier 6 on pc it would be tier 5 on legends and graf zeppelin likely at tier 7

    • Bring me closer so I can hit them with my sword!

    • @VeteranAssassin4 GZ will be tier 7 premium, Loewenhardt will be tier 5 premium. Kaga might also be tier 7 premium, but I don’t know anything about WG, so we’ll see

  5. Oh yeah. World of warships. Just got some of the battle ships on the world.

  6. The soundtrack is top-notch. Whats the name of it? Will it be added to in-game music?

  7. How many US ships do you want to release?
    WoWsL: *Yes*

  8. And we will see enough noobs whos shot HE with the Georgia

  9. does anyone else think that the soundtrack is kinda fire?

  10. Let’s go we get more U.S battleships

  11. Update looks great…can’t wait!

  12. if you were in the live stream the chat was crazy when georgia apeard good job nice sails in the new ship

    • chat: o boy we are getting something new
      georgia apears


  13. POV: when your excited for the NY port and theme to return

  14. Ayye we got battleship row in here now!

  15. These cannons better sound akin to the mighty Yamato, perhaps a hint of boom with a bald eagle screech after-taste.

  16. This ship is gonna wreck my beloved Bismarck…

    • Stephen Peterson

      Bismarck and tirpitz need love at tier 7. I don’t know what exactly, but they just tend to get shit on by every other ship except at close close range

  17. North Carolina kinda looks like a nelson to me dont know why but it does.

  18. When is the update coming? I really hope at most by the end of this week

  19. So a new US T7 BB and a whole new split of the US BB line plus German carriers.

    Thanks WG just stick your game up your port.

  20. interesting that this ship doesn’t carry over the legendary secondary suite as the regular WOWS Georgia, I guess if it did it would be a bit OP

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