World of Warships: Legends – Godzilla versus Kong: Heavyweight Battle | PS5

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Godzilla vs. Kong has arrived in World of Warships: Legends.
Decide the ultimate battle on the seas with two exclusive premium ships and commanders inspired by the film!


  1. HoodRich NiteNite

    1 world of war tanks with the wwe edition tanks and now this
    Hilarious lol

  2. AnimeToon Game-osphere

    Just make a Monsterverse Game

  3. They need to make captain suits for them to wear or at least a captains hat.

  4. They are just standing there…….

  5. It’s not world of warships fault that this has happened, but honestly why is there not a Godzilla or Kong specific game, and why is it a warship game on top of that, disappointed in Toho a little if it was them, if it was legendary I mean it’s still sad but man I just miss the days Godzilla games came out once every few years

  6. Finally! A game no one was waiting for

  7. Just remember when you feel useless, Godzilla has a ship

  8. I always watch this unexpected collaborations all the time

  9. Woahhhh this is amazing two alphas on a ship staring at each other menacingly while the ship does the battle.

  10. I don’t play this game, but I know it always seems to have banger collabs

  11. We need like a proper Godzilla vs Kong game where you can play as Godzilla or kong

  12. Wish we had a game where we can free roam as kaijus

  13. When I saw the thumbnail I thought YES ANOTHER FIGHTING GODZILLA GAME…oh it’s war ships😢

  14. … oh… I thought this was a actual Godzilla/Kaiju game…

    My Disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  15. Dang. I thought we were getting like a Monsterverse game. Got excited for a second there…

  16. Nice surprise mechanic there!

  17. We want an actual game about these characters

  18. Odrazile eugirahcam

    I thought it was gonna be like the ps2 game war of the world of monsters.

  19. Angry Yung Bird Creations

    Please someone at least make a Godzilla vs Kong game based on the film.

  20. Great, purchasing upgrades and weapons for the game required! Something that I was waiting for a long time!!!!

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