World of Warships: Legends – Godzilla vs. Kong: Heavyweight Battle

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Battle as part of Team Kong or Team Godzilla in World of Warships: Legends with two exclusive premium ships and commanders. Set sail and settle the ultimate battle on the high seas!


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  1. Gonna run me broke ahaha!
    Hopefully can make a crate video



  3. I wonder if both ships are broadside to each other if Godzilla and King Kong themselves will either really fight eachvl other or if it just be the secondary guns firing at each other?

    • They won’t fight each other, they went broadside in the video and didn’t do so. Would be sweet if they did but unfortunately not the case, they do have small animations at least though

    • @DARKN1NJA 29 Well that sucks 🙁

  4. Bastien Karabin

    The only WTF crossover i’m happy to have xD

    Now i hope the commenders will have their own “voice” lol

  5. Six months ago call, they want their cross over promotion back.

  6. You know Wargaming you had me so excited for this event because I thought it would be like the Sharks Vs. Eagles event 2 years ago, and now that I see you have to purchase them with quite a bit of money. I am quite disappointed.

  7. 12thman Railfans

    About time they unveil this

  8. Me seeing the collab: oh yes
    Me after seeing the prices: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  9. My Wallet: *chuckles* ” I’m in Danger”

  10. PSA: Maxed Godzilla grants 34.5 seconds spotter duration

  11. Yay good but aww man that costs alot

  12. ….
    First respect unique commander voices with the national voice setting

  13. Well they do fight on an aircraft carrier so I expected this

  14. Put in the North Carolina and make the King Kong skin for that like on pc and I would definitely buy it. I don’t like Fuso or New Mexico enough to care about fancy skins for them.

  15. Emmanuel Ornelas

    Yes I knew they were commander now we need the screech and the atomic breath

  16. Ich freue mich mega darauf und bin echt gespannt wie das abgeht 😍

  17. I love seeing the Big G Man but thats to expensive and makes me verry sad. Theres better ways to implement this….

  18. I’d be interested in this event if two things were true. 1. Godzilla and kong actually appear in battle 2. A proper vice over and by that I mean different roars depending on the situation.

  19. When will they be available for purchase on what day?

  20. When does the collaboration event start

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