World of Warships: Legends — How It’s Done | Aircraft Carrier Shokaku

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Destruction from the sky! On this episode of How It’s Done, T33kanne shows us what the Tier VII Japanese Aircraft Carrier Shokaku is capable of under difficult circumstances. Turn the Tide!


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  1. Omg, i love this ship

  2. SkyRaider Eclipse

    Can you make the roars for the new commanders louder they are hard to listen to most of the time

  3. Lets go, first view!

  4. A suggestion, when you make this type of videos, could you put what commander and with what improvements was the game?

  5. Alexandre Stgermain

    I love this ship it’s the best so far

  6. POV: you wanted to say you were first

  7. When is the ps5 graphics update??? As you said said it would be released following this update

  8. At the end I thought he was going to gun fight the enemy CV… happened to me once, though me and my opponent were tier III and Langley. I was the last one on my team with more health than him, and had just killed off both of his remaining allies. I forget if it was a shell or a torpedo that got him

  9. Could you do some slight balance with aircraft as when you get knocked out the planes in the air have a limited time before they get killed instead of being knocked out by AA e.g 20-25 seconds before run out a fuel so us low teir destroys can have a chance as the AA for us is useless

  10. KMS Graf Zeppelin

    Why did I hear a German on a Japanese carrier?

  11. Croatian_gamer [SGE007]

    Great battle 💪

  12. At the moment it is not worth driving with the CV’s because you will not be rewarded for educating yourself, but please introduce it. So make educating fun too.

  13. “How it’s done”
    *loses game*

  14. Волжские Зори

    Будет ли кампания на авианосца?

  15. Wow.. I am a much better carrier player than I thought! Thanks for the video !

  16. Was it impossible to have one of the development team members put audio commentary pointing out key points and gameplay how to and what not to do. Voice over gameplay needed.

  17. West Rail 642 The Atomic Train

    Thanks for uploading again WoWL, I’m not good at the game, in fact I’m quite bad but hey thanks for showing the players how to play the new carriers

  18. Rumaldo Gonzalez

    Bring back Fuso the way she was and lower the tech tree ships price already damn it!

  19. Still a loss…for some reason now we can spot destroyers with the planes and still no one wants to shoot them so you have to do it yourself…the team that wants to win gets the destroyers first 😉 it’s unfortunate

  20. “That’s how it’s done?”
    Blue team lost lol

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