World of Warships: Legends — How It’s Done: Cruiser Makarov

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On this episode of How It’s Done, we feature the Tier V Premium Russian Cruiser Makarov in a heated battle played and commented by TheSailingRobin. Sit back and enjoy the show, Legends!


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  1. now this is better

  2. samutommi2007 marchetti
  3. Is The Sailing Robin going to be the only one that reviews ships for this format or will T33KANNE and PrinceBlip do it too?

    • The Sailing Robin

      For now, I will be doing the commentaries, but it’s not impossible T33kane or Princeblip join in down the line to make their own, or even be featured as guests 😉

  4. Would have been funny if you set a damage record for this ship too!

    Also, great gameplay!

  5. Excelente!

  6. Well done! I appreciate the game play as well as the commentary! I look forward to more examples as time passes. Thank you!

  7. I got in a game with the sailing robin about a week ago and he was in Z-35

  8. Ajimu [ルドヴィコ]

    Great gameplay and i like this new format a lot! Also idk why but i find your voice to be relaxing xD

  9. This new format is much better than before.

  10. SEVERELY buff the Azuma


      HELL NO

    • Azuma doesn’t need a buff, it got an accurate buff making it a long range cruiser like it was supposed to be. Reload is good for the amount of HE alpha it has also while considering it’s caliber. She doesn’t need a severe buff at all.

    • @Starfalls It has longer reload than the Monarch and the Vanguard wich have considerable higher alpha in both HE and AP, the traverse speed is unplayable without ingenious, wich also denies long range engagements. The accuracy is outrageously bad, the fire chance is currently insuficient considering everything else.

  11. The cheap must buy

  12. I really like this new format GJ Sailing robin!

  13. Thesailingrobins voice calms me down

  14. Electroninja_7 “Josef”

    great gameplay!!

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