World of Warships: Legends — How It’s Done | Legendary Khabarovsk

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In this heated episode of How It’s Done, Legendary Khabarovsk makes good use of its entire toolset to successfully battle its way through the complex layout of North.


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  1. William Chastain

    Showing us how to play a ship that was made “obsolete” by kleber apparently

  2. Why is the permanent camo inaccessible for this ship?

  3. Pretty cool . Can’t wait to see such guides for other legendaries like GK and Conquerer !

  4. Nice video, Robin. It’s frustrating to me that the destroyer commanders don’t really have many “clean” skills in the sense that their skills also debuff/nerf the mobility of the ships. You’re using Makarov—a cruiser commander—for this destroyer. If you took Gurin, you wouldn’t get the extra fire chance, Flank Speed increases top speed, but reduces rudder, Glass Cannon reduces health, and Side Step reduces rudder as well. Similarly, Trubetskoy’s skills do nothing to improve rudder or speed, and if you take Observant Rage, you will actually harm your mobility. In my opinion, this hurts destroyers and should be looked into. Since Russian destroyers don’t have good concealment, there should be an option to create mobility focused gun boat builds using dedicated destroyer commanders. Best regards.

  5. These Legends vids from Robin are spectacular and damn he’s lethal in Khabarovsk

  6. Nice. I like the new format.

  7. I’ve watched some brilliant Kaba games but this one tops it, awesome game

  8. After new up date im stopping at tier5 Garmin carriers

  9. Excellent video hoping to see more from u Robin

  10. StickMasterCaleb 32


  11. Kinda the same way I use the USS Atlanta.

  12. 95% of the time the team with the most DDs wins. Hopefully the last patch has fixed this as it claimed it would. I haven’t played much this update so can’t attest to the fix.

  13. Khabarovsk the Best. I love him

  14. Its coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  15. I still think my khabba games are even more interesting but still a very well played game.

  16. An excellent all round game Robin. The Khaba is basically a CL and a lethal one at that with a good captain at the helm.

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