World of Warships: Legends Introducing HMS Nelson

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Greetings fellow Captains and welcome back, today we get out first look at HMS Nelson, the last of the big 7 battleships. restricted by the Washington Naval Treaty, Ingenuity, radical redesigns birthed this legend of the high seas.
We look at the ship, equipment, captain skills and how to do well in this difficult ships.


  1. The Nelson is such an awesome ship. Have fun with her! 🙂

  2. I personally hate it. It’s pretty much cruiser with big guns. That big armour is in the guns. Every where else it’s 32MM armour. You think Vanguard has bad armour? This is the king for having paper thin armour.

    • I kind of agree but, having spend the day playing it you have to angle it right and once you get it down it’s not that bad, it’s not that great either.

    • It was enough to kill Bismarck.

    • The Nelson didn’t sink the Bismarck. These ships did

      The British battleships King George V and Rodney.
      The British aircraft carrier Ark Royal.
      The British heavy cruisers Norfolk and Dorsetshire.
      The British light cruiser Sheffield.
      The British destroyers Cossack, Sikh, Zulu, Maori, Mashona, Tartar.
      The Polish destroyer ORP Piorun.

    • @hitlersmissingnut just realised what your name is hahaha quality

  3. GG, great showcasing of the HMS Nelson. I’m still hesitating to buy her as I m a DD guy
    I wanted a comparison with the MN Dunkerque

    • Comparing the Dunkerque with Nelso is like comparing it with a cruiser. Big, big difference. This ship has very very thin armour all around.

    • BunBun 143
      So if you compare it to her pairs
      1 KGV
      2 NAGATO
      3 Colorado
      4 Lyon
      What will you decide ?

    • None. Pensacola would be the best example. And I’m very serious. I hate it.

    • @Jawad BENSALEM shes completely different from any other battleship. you can go bow in so closest thing is the dunkerque but it more fragile but has more firepower.

  4. Gameplay starts after about 8 minutes of incoherent rambling…

  5. More grinding i gotta do!! lol

  6. Mixed feelings with Nelson, that repair party is insane and it has deadly HE damage. It’s a delicate ship it seems that can be rewarding. I might pick her up, thanks for the early review mate ?

    • War gaming makes British battlrships easy to damge but have a good repair party. In my opinoin this sucks as soon as you finished the repair party and gain a lot of health it will just go back down after a battleship fires a full salvo

  7. What’s up hive correct me if I’m wrong the Dunkirk the jean Bart ECT where all modeled after the Nelson / Rodney with the all Stern turret mounts?

  8. I’ll let the mistake go because you acknowledged it

  9. For the record, this video has one dislike at the moment and it was not me.

  10. I should’ve saved my money. I had just bought the Boise on Saturday (great ship btw)

  11. it sets so high above the water and you should play it like a heavy cruiser not really a battleship

  12. Meh, give us hms furious (with her 18 inch guns equipped)

  13. Some things I love about the H.M.S. Nelson is her crazy thick Armour so she can take lots of punishment, she can be on fire for a while before you have an available extinguisher or repair party, penetration, so she is dangerous, dangerous enough to wipe out almost anything in her path and can bring almost any ship down super quickly, she is fast, she’s maneuverable, and lastly she is lots of fun. The best battle I have ever been in when using the H.M.S Nelson was when I sank five ships in the beginning of the battle. I went all the way around to the right and sank them.

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