World of Warships: Legends – Introducing The Mighty Yamato

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The mighty Yamato was the largest and most powerful battleship ever built!

Turn the tide!

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  1. make so we can change the commanders languages so that they speak their mother tounge

  2. Isn’t this just a Re uploaded video of the Yamato Naval legends? It’s still an amazing video even if it’s re uploaded .

  3. Reload for us legends player’s, doesn’t that make us feel special? ?

  4. I’m not stopping until I get her, I got to play her for awhile, because of being a Super Tester and I can’t wait to eliminate someone for making a mistake ?!

  5. Now that’s how to do a video

  6. this is literally the naval legends video

  7. This is where the fun begins!

  8. Still kinda pissed you have to pay with gold to get kite tokens

  9. It’s was unfair fight but that’s how war works nothing is fair

  10. I wish they would make a full movie of Yamato and of Bismarck. Their final voyage are very epic.

  11. Next gen consoles must have this level of graphics!!!

  12. Well, we need the Kurfurst!

    • Don’t quote me but I think console is trying to focus more on the ships that existed outside of blueprints.

    • I do believe they will be adding in more tier X ships once Yamato is out permanently.

    • kurfiss is coming out because I mean what other ship is going to be legendary tier Bismarck is already TR7 and there is going to be the new tier instead of tr9 is going to be legendary tier The last tear autocorrect but you know what I mean so grosser kurfurst is likethe only ship like can withstand Yamato but I mean Bismarck is stearate in PC so what is a tier 9 maybe the tr9 will be the legendary tier

  13. Finnaly a ship my iwoa can easily target without ovenpenning

  14. Just wondering will they be ship horns

  15. U forgot to mention that the Ussr was taking Japanese soil 2

    • LOL, after the US military had already destroyed most the Japanese military! The Russians waited until Japan was so weak after trying to fight the US to finally attack Japan and it wasn’t on Japanese soil.

  16. I needed that for school.
    Thank you guys so much.
    Its right in time

  17. Remember: in the year 2199, the Yamato was raised once again and became Space Battleship Yamato.

  18. Imagine getting bukkake’d by the entire US Carrier Task Force

    This post was made by America gang

  19. when you learned more history from this video rather than to your history teacher

  20. This 2020: the Titanic-II…

    Several years after: the Yamato.

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