World of Warships Legends is Dying

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Welcome back to the channel everyone! I hope you enjoy all the content. I live stream almost everyday but I am making more edited videos. Feedback is always welcomed to comment down below and let me know what you think of this episode.
World of Warships Legends is Dying
I have 2 discord servers that you can join, if you want an invite, just jump into a live stream.

Setup – Xbox Series S with Elite Controller 2
Capture Card

Gaming PC
Ryzen 7 5800x
EVGA 3070
32g Ram
AIO Liquid Freezer II

Streaming PC
APU Build
Ryzen 5 5600G
16g RAM
Air Cooled


  1. Luckyjohnson29 Patton

    So Wargaming has officially become Rockstar games of World of Warships and World of Warships Legends.

  2. I can’t help but think, in the WG dev team offices, just opening the floor and letting everyone and everything slide down into the bottomless pit except the art department (art department carries this game hard) and starting over with a whole new team MIGHT save this game long term. Because if the current team has any other passion besides money I haven’t seen it.

  3. I fear you’re right Peek. I was really hoping to have training rooms and see all of you Legends YTers have a free for all and see you defend your crown of greatness. I’m still sticking with your channel no matter what games you play.

    • Im actually a new player.. playing since 4/5 months now.. already at t7 with almost every techtree line.. so is it dying? I dont know. But its possible that you and your wows buddies are playing this game for years and are done with it.. its a good game but repetitive and grindy.. and yes 60 euro’s a ship is insane and not something ill support.. 20 bucks would be more than enough.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with you, I was a daily player on PC and been on Legend since second beta and was a 2 yr ST and stepped away from it and haven’t even updated the game in 2 months.I hate it as I loved this game for many years. I’ve continued and will continue to follow you as you put out good entertaining content.

  5. Hey Peek , love your candour, and your content, I think your right in many respects, however the resolution is quite straight forward, training rooms are OK, but we need to rank the right ships with the right players. I play mostly British ships, and as you might expect I rarely last long….. when your faced with Geman battle ships and cruisers, multiples of, and Russian navy, not to mention invisible torp monster IJN destroyers, its just not fun. I’m not a very experienced player at this game, however I have more than 40 years gaming, i know my way around games!!!. So brit teams against German teams, or German teams against Japan, etc etc , or at least game win ratios need to be matched. I don’t mind grinding, but I do not believe in Pay to Win, not morally right! However you wanna pay to win, you play against other paid for ships, not a mixture. I love my Fiji, she’s a good boat, but dev strikes by one volley from a over powered battleship is not fair. Finally 15 mins is not long enought to play tactically, it’s a free for all whoeve4 get the first kills is most likely to win, not enough strategy opportunities to recover from heading into defeat. We also need more cooperative radio calls, like “Follow me” or I’m “backing you up” or even “let’s work together”. My two cents,

    • electricpassmountain

      15 mns are enough I think, as most games don’t go further than 7/8 mns, maybe 10. I agree more effective radio calls should be worked out.

  6. What really got me was the Weimar change. I bought a ship bc it was op and a massive silver earner. Then they nerfed, change the tier, whatever you see it as. I lost confidence that ship I was buying was the one I was getting and not something they change 3 months down the road

  7. I stopped playing this game because of all the in game BUGS (shells falling short, fires not starting, matchmaking) and RnG getting worse and also becoming more consequential. I cant accept that

  8. That was unplanned until editing in post

  9. I think that they need to focus less on ship quantity and more on game modes in general. There are enough ships for new players to grind for, enough premiums ships to fill their coffers and enough perk variances to customize ships to play style. There needs to be more than just AI and Standard battles. I understand that the more game modes that are out there, the longer the queue time. In PC there are several options that are consistently featured, such as Brawl, Ranked and Clan battles. They also have AI in Standard mode to help with queue times if the player base is relatively low in certain modes. I think many people, like me, have a ton of ships but nothing worth playing them for. The grind to get these ships essentially burns the player out due to the same repetitive game modes, especially in the higher tiers where supposed teammates are poorly skilled and wasting mine and other peoples time. I think this game can have an uptick, but it needs more than just two ways to play the ships.

  10. That shit folded me lmfao

  11. The Halloween event last year was fun, it was in two stages and told a story.
    This year it was half of what they put in last year with nothing new.
    WG did a post on Facebook a little while ago asking what flag people want, it was an overwhelming majority that said the Jolly Roger flag, it was 94.325% majority.

  12. The pricing has been too high. I always buy new games instead of new ships. If new ships were around $10 I would consider them more as a sensible DLC( similar to the $10 admiralty backing campaign). Also for $10 let us turn our favorite tech tree ships into premiums. keep all the content made for this game available . I will never understand false scarcity in a video game.

  13. i think you miss a huge part of it, i dont necessarily think player numbers are down “significantly”, its just where they play that’s changed.

    tiers 6-LT are just full of radar proliferation, 18″ guns everywhere, overmatching dev strikes as far as the eye can see, so even if you have tier 7,8,LT boats… you find yourself playing tier 5 because its more fun, you can push more and play more aggressive thanks to the lack of overmatching guns, and mass radar, the passive play at higher tiers is like sanding my skin off with a belt sander. stupid & painful.

    its the devs fault correct, because they just bring out the next bigger and better ship, ruining the game in the process with this shitty boring passive meta, but rocking around at tier 4-5 is still fun until the devs ruin that of course.

    and speed thing was fun? your joking right? that shit was utter garbage, they should have spent that development time on something more productive and worth while rather than a one off race for 2 days.

    and lets not forget the grind, and the shitty havoc missions which promote bad play so you can unlock the next diabolical masterpiece wargaming release.

    the only thing wargaming has going for it is lack of competition, if there were another shooty arcade like boat game on console it would die tomorrow with 0 playerbase left, there is no option B though unfortunately.

  14. Stephen Wainwright

    I would love to see some new maps it gets boring playing the same maps over and over and over

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