World of Warships: Legends – June Update Overview

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Get ready to feel the liberty zeitgeist! The June update to World of Warships: Legends brings a triple serving of American battleships plus the release of an entire line of German aircraft carriers!

Read the patch notes for more info!




  1. @DE-173 understandable

  2. Awesome Update!!! But will WoWsL be coming to Xcloud anytime in the future?

  3. Marcus Humphreys


  4. Looks good proud of you wargaming

  5. Can you say hyped!? See you on the seas bois.

  6. i am looking forward to this update so much .

  7. And here I was thinking I had reached the end of non premium American battleships. It will be great adding more to the roster.

  8. Carl William Harding

    Wow I didn’t expect us to get the uss Oklahoma in the projects this update is looking sick af.

  9. YES German Carriers!!!!!!!

  10. They are working in the balance of the cvs, so because that, they will not bring premium or legendary Cvs

  11. I don’t know if anyone has checked the patch notes but Florida will be available as a premium T6. Just an fyi.

  12. Graf Zeppelin is a teir 8 on PC meaning it will be a Teir 7 Premium Carrier worth 750K XP or 30K Steel or a Campaign

  13. Yeah Zeppelin probably gonna be a premium

  14. Am I the only one that heard her say 2 unique battleships in the campaign?

    • Yeah I’m still confused becasue I only see one . Might be a mix up or they may have a little secret for us ? I dunno but I thought it would be mentioned in the patch notes

    • brian agnew (Merrick)

      Think they mean Oklahoma in the project

  15. Finally the NC, and the Georgia as the first good campaign ship in a long while. Thank you for both.

  16. Great-looking update. USS North Carolina is way overdue. Not a fan of the Evasive Maneuver consumable, though.

  17. Hey when Are you going to show Destroyers some Camouflage Love….?

  18. And the USS Mass !

  19. for anyone curious about the twist to arena match xp tracker, it only tracks the top 15 matches per day. even if you play 60 matches a day, every day till it ends, itll only count the top 15 and the other 45 will be ignored. playing more matches increases the chance to get better xp results however so it isnt like it isnt worth it to do so

  20. Super disappointed to see buffs for CVs, think that was a terrible decision made to get people playing unpopular CV class. The rest seems great but cant get over the CV buffs.

    • Yeah,you want to play ships but some people want to hide in the corner the whole match and play planes while others slide around in invisible dd’s doing 45knots.

      of Gimmicks

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      Prince blip stated CVS are getting buffed because people suck in them but they will get nerfed once people know how to play in them nothing is set in stone they can get nerfed as being buffed too

    • @doomguy .23 from mars I’m very skeptical of that claim

  21. @DE-173
    Not understandable
    The game, in my opinion, would be better with Legendary tier Midway.
    But if they make Midway a premium ship, it needs to be a tier 7 bureau project.

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