World of Warships: Legends – May Update Overview Trailer

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The Soviet Fleet is complete at last! Check out the new update overview for World of Warships: Legends to learn more about the new Legendary Tier ships, Bureau, and the Sword of the Pacific campaign. Check the Patchnotes for more details.


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  1. Gundam Heavyarms

    I’ll be researching the Alaska first! 😁

  2. Oh, German engineering.

  3. Großer kurfürst?

    but why not FdG

    • @Rxsh_Gamer 961 The FDG was just Bismarck but less cool and they are doing away with filler ships for Legends

  4. David atnbrough: yes here we can see the wild zee in his nat..
    Me: wooooooooh!
    David: ah yes he has discovered this video

  5. This update looks incredible 😁 and a buff to my favourite ship the Vanguard and it’s getting a reload booster 😁

  6. can’t wait to try it out.

  7. Aonghas McTavish

    One thing I can give you WOWSL team is that you actually care about player feedback, unlike certain tank games… you have been making efforts to improve the game where needed. So thank you. Theres still more to adjust, but thank you.

    • __j3sus chr1st__

      I agree bro this game has so much potential

    • Jakob Abrahamson

      Yeah, this game has so much potential, they just need to continue to listen to the community and update the game where its needed. Also, your talking about warthunder aren’t you. Because they don’t listen to the community worth shit

    • Aonghas McTavish

      @Jakob Abrahamson Actually I was referring to WOT, warthunder has periodic points where it listens.

  8. B4nH4mmer G4m1ng

    Who else screamed while watching this?

  9. That GK calling my name

  10. what do you mean by endgame for wows legends??????

  11. Videowatcher198

    I’m really going to have my work cut out for me getting those high tier ships.

  12. TooT GangGaming

    When does it go live?

  13. Carriers next?

  14. مازن الحربي

    Nice, I am so excited for that upcoming update

  15. 0:31 WTF Legendary modules are coming.

  16. Add aircraft carriers

  17. Max Lewismorton

    Will we have to buy the legendary ship with the silver currency

  18. This update looks pretty good 👍

  19. Ricardo Gabriel Clement

    What’s gonna happen with the Tier 9 ships like Izumo, FDG, Alsace, Georgia, etc?

    Just saying the names of the t9 BBs because I remember them easier than CLs/CAs and DDs

  20. What happen once we get these high tier ships do we keep them permanently?

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