World of Warships: Legends — May Update Overview

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New May Update features:

◾ Godzilla VS Kong
◾ VII MN BB Champagne campaign
◾ New in Bureau: Kleber and Worcester
◾ Ranked Battles new format
There are more surprises coming, stay tuned and watch the Overview video.

Read about the update in the Patchnotes:


Official webpage:​


  1. I rather have the high school fleet collab in PC earlier than kong and godzilla

  2. Yay new update!

  3. Hope the Godzilla versus Kong content isn’t overpriced as it was in the PC version of the game.

    • Probably the same thing like on pc with he “unique voice overs”

    • Watch the trailer they dropped a few days ago. It says the price on the overall bundle. It’s like 28,450 dubs.

    • I just thought since they first announced it there was a ton of backlash about it that they would change the prices before releasing it.

    • @Jays Gaming Honestly, I highly doubt it. After seeing Flamu’s vid and the “unique voiceover” being the standard with a roar that’s extremely quiet is disappointing. Turned me off tbh. I just want Godzilla flag.

    • Of course it will be over priced

  4. Иосиф Сталин

    Reject wine, return to monke



  6. Will Legends possibly be on xcloud in the future? Loved it when it was on the beta version of xcloud! Love the content you guys keep pumping out!

  7. A French BB that doesn’t have Quadruple Turrets?…

  8. The hell, has anyone ever complained that Le Fantasque torpedoes are OP. I dont think so, yet its been nerfed.

    • Dathsa Zoidberg

      Im grinding right now to the Le Fantasque but now… but now i dont really want to anymore

    • SkyRaider Eclipse

      The french dds were ment to be gunboats but the torps were to good

    • There spreadsheets said it had the highest win rate and best performance

      Aka the best players were using that destroyer for its diversity and potential so all of its stats and win rates got bumped up. While the worst players tend to use the Kagero giving it some atrocious statistics.

      They’ve done this quite a few times and every time the community goes “what the fuck, why?”

    • i always use terrible for credits and rarely fanta, i need to drop like 7 torps to finally kill yamato, nerf it why? jp kills a yamato in 5 torps nerf that one

    • @Duck360Gaming2 Well historically speaking, long lance torpedoes were really efficient.

  9. Fix the horn sounds.
    If you’re in a destroyer all other ships, cruisers/battleships, have the same small destroyer horn.

    Whereas if you are in a battleship all other ships including destroyers have the same battleship horn.

    • I’ve been wanting this the first day they came out with the half assed horn system. More ships should have different sounding horns like on PC

    • this is why I love this community instead of balancing the game they worry about horn sounds lmao

  10. The new legendaries are fast reloading anti DD ships, now do I want to go with Gearing, Worcester, or Kleber now that I’m done with Alaska

  11. This is why I love this game.

  12. Looking forward to this month’s update. Looks good so far.

  13. Yass I’m nearly done French line.cleber here I come

  14. You guys are amazing I’m very happy to be playing this game and it is my dream one day to meet you guys or do some type of event with you guys personally I truly do mean all this keep going with this game but never stop! ❤️

  15. I’d like to see the USS Laffey and Enterprise added to the premium ship list, and Hornet to the research bureau they would be a great additions to the game

  16. VeteranAssassin4

    Everyone is gonna be toxic when they get USS Worcester and kleber

  17. I would like Azur Lane: Second Wave to return please

  18. U_been_WIPED_OUT

    This is going an interesting update. New Boats, new ways to get steel, I am a fan but i’m nervous about the khaba now being powercrept by Kleber. But you guys and gals at WG seem to know what you are doing so I have confidence.

  19. I’m excited about that new battleship can’t wait to get my hands on it

  20. Urmas Tillisson

    New legendary ships are here, I’m going whit Kleber.

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