World of Warships: Legends – New Horizons

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Join the celebrations of the Legendary Third Anniversary! There’s a lot waiting for you: sea-shaking Tier VIII with 14 new ships, including République as the L’Ambassadeur campaign prize; two new Bureau Projects; plus gifts, prizes, and bonuses for everyone!

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  1. Did anyone else see the elbing along side the zeppelin

  2. Cheers Captains. To A New Era!

  3. doomguy .23 from mars

    Cheers !!to a new era!!!!

  4. POV: your wondering why it takes them 7 months to release Colbert. Also why does a bureau project cost steel?!

    • Because it is an op ship, a spammer more annoying than Minotaur and a Weimar. Also it’s just being introduced, so less people having it, the better, easier to track data for feedback and compare it when it was in rental.

    • @InfernusA15 I have the same opinion as u. The Colbert is going to be a spammer as Weimar, Minotaur and Des Moines :/

    • @Irving X Diaz A amen

    • @InfernusA15 absolutely agree, less people the better with the ship because only certain good players that are above average are going to do good

  5. It’s my birthday aswell, what a day honestly, tier 8s and birthday

  6. Really want the CV-6 Enterprise

  7. Brawler builds are only for the brave, and those that don’t mind going back to port early.

  8. This is actually really exciting. I thought it would just be Tier VIII!

  9. Oh my God, i was crazy about the port, is beautiful. Im so excited!!!!

  10. Fyi regarding Elbing and Graf Zeppelin.
    Zeppelin will be available in the store for 17.5K dubloons, and Elbing will currently only be available as part of the auction but will be released for GXP in the future.

  11. Finally commonwealth! Hopefully a tech tree line along the way soon with some Canadian ships perhaps!

    • @Alpha627 yeah, I run the red and white Christmas camo with the Canada day flag on Cossack to try and represent Haida

  12. Commonwealth ships 🙂 fingers crossed for Haida maybe before year’s end

  13. Wow… WG putting in all the work that C19 derailed and then some! Looking great..

  14. When is siegfried gonna be available just like azuma I wonder?

  15. I enjoy the update….I mean more ships to grind for? Lesss go! The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is…Colbert requiring 3k steel to buy to research. I get it’s to limit her popularity for the time being as I have enough to buy it but with the current steel rate earning…I can’t help but be on the fence about getting it because I rather buy something I’ll use…like ya know, Ohio(Hint hint WG) or any other steel only BB. Overall great update.

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