World of Warships: Legends — Origin of Wisdom

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Captain, we’ve found them! Two new campaign ships have been spotted on the horizon, and allied aircraft are inbound. Radar is reporting some unidentified contacts approaching and is tracking. What are your orders?




  1. Again T7, maybe finally T6 ship on maraton

  2. StickMasterCaleb 32

    (Sigh) another German Premium…I bet this one gonna get Shit ton of Camo’s

  3. Lovely a tier 7 weimar, i hope this update has something for bbs to help fire spam, probs wont even happen

    • @GaivsJordivs yep lol, even the bb commanders get negative debuffs on all the perks you need

    • The HE spam is less of an issue of the ships and rather an issue of matchmaking. Just like BB mains complain about 5 DD games, 5 BB games are just as much a problem. When you’re often the only cruiser it pushes you to play cruisers that can sit in safety and burn BBs down. The fix is better match making and more people playing heavy cruisers.

    • @Galactic Hornet oh that’s been the main irritating thing every time, the fist hit you take a fire, ap shells don’t do a thing anymore, just overpens. You used to delete cruiser who went broadside, but apparently that was unfair to them so they changed that, but being burned to a crisp is okay by their book. Heck now even bb players shoot he.

    • @Sempergrumpy441 Yeah MM definitely needs work. I think BBs needs a shorter cooldown on thier repair parties, too, and maybe a reduction to the HP of thier superstructures, especially German BBs. I have several BB captains with 5 heals but I almost never get to use them because the match ends or I get burned down before the cooldown expires. I also think there needs to be a limit, or at least a toggle option like crossplay, on the number of DDs per team; 3 is about the max in terms of balance, any more than that and it becomes a complete crapshoot. There is also a problem with MM stacking the bulk (if not all) of the radars on one team. I can’t neglect to mention the issue with the ridiculous concealment on a few of the DDs, particularly double-concealment build IJN DDs. If you invest at least somewhat into concealement on a given DD (particularly US, FR, USSR) and you are still getting out-spotted by more than 1km, it’s a problem. IJN DDs are supposed to have better concealment than most other DDs, but not by such a massive amount. It certainly doesn’t help that more than half of the DDs in Standard Battle are all Japanese.

    • @HarmfulDesign I agree that destroyer concealment needs about another .3-.5km concealment nerf across the board to their base concealment and that MM needs an overhaul. 5 DD & 5 BB games are both terrible and the fact the game will pit 3 Yamatos v 3 GKs is ridiculous. Toggle option for amounts of ships would destroy MM, WOWSL just doesn’t have the player base numbers to make crazy customizable game lobbies like Battlefield or COD. GK is basically the only ship I agree that needs to have less health allocated to the super structure and the heals are fine. They’re meant to bring you back into the fight, but not make you invincible. You just have to position where you have an escape route and can disengage.

  4. Bismarck after seeing this trailer: chuckels Im in danger

  5. Mainz is a ship I can get down for :3

  6. Happy about the uk carriers but again another missed oppertunity for a uk campaign and tbh I couldnt care less about mainz

  7. When are we gonna get Italian battleship line

  8. Ever since I saw the Weimar then i knew the Mainz was not gonna be far off but didn’t expect it to be just around the damn corner…I’M HAPPY AS HELL!!!

  9. I really hoped for a pommern in the campaign. I also would like to see the Montana and an italian bb line

    • Montana is coming before next year, as well as, Minotaur. Italian bb line is a mystery. And pommern is and has not been hinted at. Oh and the Black Fleet has been announced. Massa, Exeter, Graf Spee and Le Terrible

    • @Naval Reaper thanks for the information. Im really looking forward to the Montana

    • Pommern would be nice, I agree, but it would be kinda difficult to figure out which tier to add it at. T7 would probably be too low, but Pommern probably would struggle at Legendary tier.

    • @Trey Corbin which is why t8 needs to be added, or y’know a full tech tree

  10. So to summarize: we will have as campaign prizes Tier IV Siroco and Tier VII Mainz, four Black Fleet ships (one of which looks like Massachusetts B), Tier VII Russian heavy cruiser Riga becomes researchable, and Royal Navy aircraft carriers Hermes, Furious, and Implacable arrive. That’s a lot of content for one update.

  11. @Admiral-Balans are you forgetting weimar is tier six and mainz will be t7?Also no, hipper gets deleted easier than most other cruisers.

  12. @Meako FX. Eh until all you do is get over pens with a BB.

  13. Yeah, plus a heal lolol

  14. Wg wants us to quit

  15. @BrandonABC i think so too

  16. Can’t wait to see the ridiculousness of a damage record that will be set for the Mainz

  17. doomguy .23 from mars

    And the normally reveal legendary ships in the patchnotes

  18. seems weimer op depends on the captain. ive never had a finish lower than 2nd in a weimer, 50% of the time in 1st. minimum sinking 3 ships each match if not 4. on the other hand, i saw a division of 2 weimers in a match that died and sank 1 ship between them while i was on the winning side in a gorky. nerf not necessary imo.

  19. We’re getting Minotaur before the end of the year

  20. @Admiral-Balans Hipper has some armor, not that much overpens for me if I shoot hipper with 16 inch guns usually citadels. No armor is the problem.

  21. Definitely copping this next campaign

  22. Were getting the Minotaur, and the Montana in December for Bureau Campaigns

  23. @Justin Bowman who said that?

  24. I’ve been waiting for the ship with one big 30″ gun turret in the center with a 360 degree arc. If you can somehow manage to hit something, it dies.

  25. Ryan Franklin Brown

    The intro for the British Carriers was perfect

  26. WrappingCave740 yeet

    Completely true my good friend, talk to u in a bit! 🙂

  27. @BrandonABC They confirmed it and Montana would come this year

  28. Tell that to Weimar

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