World of Warships: Legends — Pirates!

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Yarrr! Pirates arrrrive to Legends with 2 captains and their ships, watch the video to learn more!

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  1. All i can say is I hope Assassins Creed: Black Flag gets a remaster

  2. Where is Captian Jack Sparrow? Come on a pirate event and HE AINT IN IT

  3. No Jolly Rogers? Base trait torp captain is a bit on the weak side. Just 2% torp reload and useless 4% consumable reload. Should have been 5% torp reload only.

    • Well I seen two in this video lol a jolly Roger is a generic name for a pirate flag there is not set design for it. So the skull and crossbone flag is just one type of jolly Roger.

  4. SailingRobin doing the voice over?? 😁

  5. Can we please not change the name of secondaries to ATBA. That’s such a pointless and confusing change for no reason. There is nothing wrong with calling them secondaries.

  6. Seems interesting, hope there will be some free content

  7. Where is the Jolly Roger flag? People have been asking for it for years. Would have been a good time to implement!

  8. Funny how they blured out the at least 5k dubs price of the commander… Just greedy

    • They don’t put prices in trailers because it varies by region. Many studios do this when something costs real money.

    • True. But that does’nt change the fact that this game and its Devs have become outrageous GREEDY these last few updates😂. Nothing in this game has been a decent price in many months. Ships I have purchased before are like 3x as much now. F*** these greedy a** clowns. I won’t support it

    • @Karrdio the cost of doubloons for real money varies, but the cost of ingame goods that you pay with doubloons is universal.

  9. Finally pirates stuff in the game and still can’t get a proper pirate flag

  10. BloodyRainLilSoulja

    Honestly this could’ve been so much better in my opinion but oh well

  11. Release date?

  12. please don’t make the pirate flag 10,0000 or auction the thing.

  13. Ship’s ATBA (Aim that boat a******) shell damage? Time for me to sacrifice another build commander

  14. Would be better if they were actual 18th century sailing vessels

  15. How is the practice room coming along? Tutorials? In game links to community contributors?

  16. I’m curious about this event. But… Why don’t you release a French premium CRUISER commander??? Really… Every other nation has at least one with special percs. When do the French get their own?! Maybe someone like Augustin Riegerwald, AL Baltimore or Ivan Lightful, please. 🙏🇨🇵

  17. Obvious proof that this game is becoming more and more pay2win. British DD commander will give obvous advantage for a “low” cost of 5k doubloons. The same thing with French battleship with 2 reload boosters. If you tell me premium ships are not better than researchable ships, tell me then what chance Richelieu has in 1v1 duel with this overpriced upcoming battleship?
    I know this game is business in the first place and I have no problem with general monetization and microtransactions but more and more things that give players advantage are being put behind paywall. Same company runs same game on PC but they dont have this pay2win factor there. Probably because PC player base wont let them treat them the way WG is increasingly treating console players – as money farm. Nothing else. WarGaming dont be too greedy, look at the long run.

    • Um clearly you have not been paying attention to WoWs PC because it’s actually on the decline in popularity and player base because of what you just mentioned in your comment, WG treating them as a money farm. I played PC for years and after the carrier rework on PC I kind of gave up on it and then Legends came out and I started up on that and yes I do see this team doing the same kinds of things but not as bad, yet.

  18. Looked forward to some pirate content but as usual costs too much real money and I don’t see me buying any of these, hopefully you can win something in the crates. This had the potential to be a really cool event and instead just kind of sputters out

  19. Just bring back the Jean Bart see this is where the world of tanks console failed don’t make their mistakes.

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