World of Warships Legends Random Moments [Episode#43] The EPIC, BEST, FUNNY, & MORE! WoMsLegends

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World of Warships Legends [Xbox & PlayStation]
World of Memes Legends Episode 43

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  1. f4r3e2e2 f4r3e2w2


  2. What is the name of the intro song?

  3. Yo I made it into the vid

  4. 8:51

    *Pencilcola Prime the Potato Slayer has AWOKEN*

    Tim: Why do I hear Doom music?

  5. Woot, finally made the cut… all of 5 glorious seconds 😆 ( I’ll take it!)

  6. rapiidz kaotiik du 813g

    Nice vidéo! it’s a pleasure for the eyes😉

  7. This guy has totally ripped off pgrapids style, it’s like a cheap copy, he has no shame or originality, good player though

    • Legendary Lieutenant

      Lol well you are welcome to your opinion. I haven’t seen any of his videos so It’s bound that we or any other YouTuber might get the same idea from time to time.

    • @Legendary Lieutenant do u find it interesting how pgrapid gets more views then there are people who actually play the game? I mean he gets more views then spartan elite 🤔🤔🤔

    • Kind of sus

    • @Legendary Lieutenant you don’t know who pgrapidz is lol, funny guy, that’s just disrespectful

    • Legendary Lieutenant

      Read clearly I said “I haven’t seen any of his videos” so It seems to me that your trying to start so bs little feud that I’m not gonna entertain any longer mate

  8. Is it Tuesday already?

  9. Okhotnik part was spot on. Good stuff!

  10. Nooooooooo my clip was not there!

  11. How to you watch your shells during the battle like you did at 3:15?

    • Use controller preset 1 or 2.

      If you decide to try it out, here is my recommendation:

      If you currently use preset 3 or 5, try preset 1.
      If you currently use preset 4 or 6, try preset 2.

    • @curbaczzz Thank you

    • @Carsten Stahl Glad I could help! I personally use preset 1 and LOVE IT! Try it out! It’s a little goofy at first, but I recommend it!

  12. Okhotnik was good, and what was the music called?

  13. Hey Legendary…. if you run out of memes. Maybe you can incorporate Rockys Ivan Drago “I must break you” clip and make a meme out of it…Classic line. Yourube it

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