World of Warships Legends Random Moments [Episode#47] The EPIC, FUNNY, & MORE! WoMsLegends

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World of Warships Legends [Xbox & PlayStation]
World of Memes Legends Episode 47

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  1. Ah shit, here we go again…

    And another one!

  2. The Lieutenant is back! 🔥

  3. Epic another one

  4. Benjamin Delacroix

    Hi from France!!!! 🇫🇷🔥🔥

  5. How about trying to get some clips yourself instead of using other people’s material?

    • @x8LACKXPANTHERx How dare you use logic and rational thinking.

    • @Legendary Lieutenant well then i suppose i just have a different view of this. I never said you’re stealing the clips, you are just using other people’s clips, which is fair enough but where does the money go you make by the ads on this video? Also to ‘the community’?🤔 I just think that if you want to grow big on yt and make lots of money you would have to make your own content, not copy and paste other people’s clips

    • @x8LACKXPANTHERx so everything gangsta until someone starts asking critical questions and giving opinions you don’t like? How about you stop dramatising and acting like i’m asking this guy to kill himself?

    • @Cipheiz I dare because more people need to learn Uncommon Sense. Plus there’s no use trying to talk since into a Karen like this one so wasting my time just for the memes.

    • @Kassiper Pro every single featured player has the capability of starting their own channel to showcase their own clips. Reality suggests most people are unable to generate enough of their own content to make it visible or lack the creativity to put them together in such a way as to draw viewers.

      In this case, the channel was founded on original content and expanded to community submissions. The editing style and account name are also original content that draws more exposure to the 3 seconds of fame most people get.

      If you want to exercise critical thinking, you’d piece together that building the brand, maintaining it, and making a presentable video from a bunch of random clips takes some work and justifies the compensation received.

      Just because you couldn’t bother to research the origins of the channel, what it takes to build a following, and how much time and effort it takes to collect, analyze, edit, and upload doesn’t mean you are entitled to answers.

      If said clip submitters made their own channels, they’d be compensated by the potential of viewers looking up more of their content from having seen clips featured by an already established and valued channel.

      Instead of sounding like you are honestly asking questions and ‘helping,’ it sounds more like you are trying to drag the channel creator down due to your own jealousy.

      The channel creator has put in far more effort to justify direct compensation than a player taking 30 seconds to hit a button on their console and e-mail a clip. But hey, I’m just using some critical thinking skills to point out the obvious rationale behind it all. You, like everyone else, can make your own channel and see what it takes and answer your own questions.

      Edit: a reasonable person would grasp the exchange is no different than any TV show booking air time on a channel owned by a different company, or a company submitting an Ad on a popular channel to hopefully get boosted sales.

      It’s the same deal here: users freely submit clips in hopes they get featured on a popular channel in exchange for recognition and/or viewers to their own content.

  6. Battleship dev strikes are the most satisfying

  7. 5:30

    Gosh Your Smexy summoned

    *The Potato Slayer*

  8. I got Atalanta, Arizona, Helena, and warspite between this video and the last one

  9. The Peanut Gallery

    LLt you should join let um peeks discord or do you have your own i could join?

    • Legendary Lieutenant

      The link should still be in the description, I’m not known for keeping my other social sites up to date

  10. The Peanut Gallery

    Thank you for doing this for the WoWs community. Great editing this week. That cut up of the dev strikes was an awesome touch! Keep up the good work and good hunting Lieutenant!

  11. I DONT NEED IT. The struggle is real every update


  13. Why do I feel slightly attacked in the beginning? 😅… ah well, won’t stop feeding the clip machine! 😁 (always appreciate the inclusion and keep up the good work!)

  14. Yes always a good day when this comes out

  15. I finally got featured!!

  16. Yo I saw recycledhumans earlier in game. It’s cool because once you play enough you see familiar names

  17. what’s up with the random Nevada killing a low health phoenix lol but i swear Nevada dev strikes anything that is remotely broadside

  18. Boom beach - Fanatique

    I’m not into console gaming but i admit looking this clip make it so easy to cit/one shot a single ship compared to the pc version i do play, but when i try on console, i just pen/over-pen xD, just satisfying to watch, great content. The last thing i’m questionning is what music you used for the clip if you don’t mind please ? (Talking about the main one that is all along the video)

  19. 1:15 what clip is this

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