World of Warships Legends Random Moments [Episode#54] The EPIC, BEST, FUNNY, & MORE! WoMsLegends

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World of Warships Legends [Xbox & PlayStation]
World of Memes Legends Episode 54

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  1. 3 Suzuyas where dev struck in the making of this video.

  2. Man it felt great flying in a Conqueror 😂

  3. just an average sniper

    Its been a while, good to be back

  4. _Your__Nightmare_ _

    Rip the lightning. Got blind bombed by Lexington

  5. That anime song sounds so freaking familiar at 7:21. But I don’t remember where it’s from to save the life of me

  6. Most of the clips are the same as the last video…

  7. Somebody dev strike pencilcolas and send it to him!!!

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