World of Warships Legends Random Moments [Episode#65] The EPIC, BEST, FUNNY, & MORE! WoMsLegends

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World of Warships Legends [Xbox & PlayStation]
World of Memes Legends Episode 65

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  1. Osmanlı hayranı Tuna


  2. The first 20 seconds… Lololol

  3. Another great one!

  4. I agree with the intro.

  5. My time has come.


  6. Legendary Lieutenant

    Next weeks episode will be more uncanny

  7. Literally has a game where we killed the last enemy at 00:01 and it still registered as a loss. Almost broke my controller

  8. 9:19 skibidibobmm dada

  9. Have not seen your Bismarck video, could you please upload some? thanks

    • @Legendary Lieutenant So I believe people like me wants to see your Bismarck videos, especially now those secondary guns have more room to buff, the game has CV and legendary ships, it makes the game more challenge.

  10. I deleted this game long time ago horrible game

  11. Man the pencil break is really overused in your videos bro. Find something else.

  12. Hey I just got 7 kills in my furutaka. Should I send u a few clips i got from this game?

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