World of Warships Legends Slander 3

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  1. Missouri players: its just a black screen

  2. The hacker one made me die of laughter because I know 4 people that says there Hacking XD when I know there not Hacking they just suck even tell them that they don’t believe me

  3. Calling you a hacker, hahahaha so true, especially when you can blind salvo kill a British cruiser. Seconds after killing them you’ll immediately see a message from them calling you “Pathetic cheating fucker” or “Sweaty tryharding piece of shit cheater”. I could go on and on with other creative ways they’ve called me but that’ll end up being super long lmao.

  4. love that from you

  5. As a destroyer player I hate this meme. We rush in to spot and take the flag, if we lose its because the other destroyer was supported in the inevitable early destroyer battle, or 10% of the time we eat the blind torps

    • WOWS Legends memes

      As a destroyer player i love this meme. 90% dd’s get caught in the cap by a blind torp or didn’t got the help from their team it is often because they are not aware of the moments everyone in their team is making. Or anticipating from where the torps could be coming from.

    • As a destroyer player, expect the unexpected and if you don’t have support don’t push in. You can do more alive than when you’re dead. If you lose 1 cap its not the end of the game and if u can’t get support just do whatever u can

    • @Tom Sharpe is kinda everyone’s job to support the destroyer , especially in the first two minutes.

    • @richlondonrich yeah it is but some games your spawnmates have a tendency to totally ignore you and the objective you spawned next to and go on a voyage halfway across the map. My point being is that yes I agree with you that you should get support as a DD, but some of the time that just isn’t the case and its in those scenarios when you just have to do the best that you can

  6. i love to see iowa on the enemy team when im on my CV

  7. Still waiting for the dd one hugging the map to rush a cv at start of people ignoring teammates

  8. there are 2 Iowa main, those that LARP as Iowa straddling enemies 30,000 yards out, and those who charge a Yamato because Iowa was better IRL.

  9. Never stop making these

  10. Rasmus Rasmusson

    Jokes aside, what would happen if pirates managed to get control of a battleship?

  11. Still waiting for the: 3 DD’s sitting still in a smoke screen to be torped

  12. GREAT!

  13. Stoikos Grigoris

    Very accurate video sir, very accurate.

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