World of Warships Legends Slander

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  1. This, this is art

  2. Ankit Kumar Vukkalkar

    Need a new best moments video to cope up with depression brother 🥺. Love from India ❤️

  3. Guilherme Poggio de Oliveira Rocha

    I’ve waited so long for this.. Perfection.

  4. Stephen Anzenberger

    Bismarck one should apply to half the bb player base, esp high tier premium bbs

  5. This is an absolute crime how accurate this is

  6. As a Azur Lane person this is true and the Shoukaku too and needs a BUFF!!

  7. You’re right bout the shima lol

  8. Shima taking skills, BBs at the corners, and agile builders had me laughing hard. Funny but a painful reality at the same time.

  9. Love having people explain to me why +2% rudder is useful

  10. I’ve encountered average mic user so many times over the last few days. One Australian dude in a Tirpitz sitting in his own cap circle berating the entire team one by one screaming ‘NAME AND SHAME’ followed by the ship and gamertag of each teammate.

    • Met a German giving out to me for not spotting the shima even thou he is firing his guns in smoke next to a mino

  11. Shawn Christensen

    I died about the history buffs whining about the paper ships. They do the same thing in Azur Lane. I’m a history buff too, but even I’m just like… “Bruh. Fucking chill.”

  12. Hipper insisting that you need 16/4 commanders to get that 9 percent additional rudder.

  13. The shimma hit hard. But you go play it with 8km torps. Its lots of fun but soooo stressful

  14. Lol that one with agile builds is hilarious,

    As an agile cruiser main I don’t even use dbl rudder inspirations on most my classes (besides German heavies)

    It’s so much better to add a speed inspiration imo

  15. I’ll take credit for the “I farm damage” bit

  16. I’m just getting drunk from a party. Laughing flash of death. Hope the translator kicks in 😀 keep up the good work. Greetings from Germany 😂

  17. The Bismarck one reminds me on a game i had

    2 bismarcks were about to attempt to cap a point and looked like they were about to flank my team, im kinda on my own with my only teammates being HE spammers so i charge in towards the bismarcks, one might think that was suicidal but in a ship like Paolo, its opportunity

    Killed them both with my torps and sat comfortably at the top of the leaderboard that match

  18. Carrier main here. I just like playing support in any way. Spotting the enemy , providing AA support to team mates, and weakening the enemy. I could care less about kills.

  19. The first one though hurts me the most. Both cruisers and destroyers have 30 second cool downs on fires but takes 1 minute on battleships. 45 seconds would be acceptable.

  20. Playing destroyers takes so much skill: meanwhile japanese destroyers and torpedoes are basically invisible and kill you in one or two hits with full health

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