World of Warships Legends: Tactical Money Extraction

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Welcome back to World of Warships Legends for some Tactical Money Extraction, Learn Every trick Wargaming Use to empty your wallet, as we dive into just how evil is Wargaming’s Monetization really is, and how it reflects to gaming as a whole

I am TheHive_Hound and this is World of Warships


  1. Read your script and I know this will be a good video. Monetization on video games is nothing new I just hope players are fully aware of the tricks outlined in this video; not only from WG but from all video game companies. Rarely do we see fully completed games without max monetization anymore, miss the good ole days of excellent completed games.

    • @noapop no it’s not getting paid, paid means money changes hands. I don’t know a single cc who endorses buying crates in fact they do the opposite and outright tell people not to buy crates because they’re not worth it.

    • @Matt Smith legally I think CCs would get trouble in a court of youtube law.

    • @noapop I have been a CC for almost 3 year now lol, but my goal has always been and will always be for the players, if someone is thinking about sinking 50 bucks into a ship, I’m going to tell them what its like. I’m far to stubborn to sell myself out lol.

      Yes i do get given ships, and im very aware that its quite the privilege but i hope atleast that doesnt effect my judgment

  2. your channel is in the description too the thumb nail is sick thank you again my dude

  3. Same as the old supermarket milk is one way bread generally the other so you have to go past things, with the way the have the store set out in alot of video games these days in including wowsl, its the same tactic.

  4. Ha jokes on them I’ve just started buying the 47k doubloons lol

  5. Great vid as always Hive, people do need to pay more attention to how they spend their money. No problem with WGing monetising their game, we wouldn’t have a game otherwise. I do have an issue with loot boxes without age restrictions. As I think it is grooming kids to gamble, hopefully we will see more regulation of this in games in the future. And yes I know that means probably a constriction in game publishing but better that than the evil of loot boxes.

    • loot boxes are my only real issue with their policy on monetization. but that’s going to take a change in international law, I think the child gambling is less of an issue in wowsl as the player base is generally older, but one child gambling in my eyes is too much

  6. I’ve been having a great time playing world of ships and world of tanks. One of my main hobbies. Never played a game that keeps advancing, adding new content for years to come. I have played world of tanks for 7 years, played world of warships, since it started. Normally, knock out campaigns on both games. Always look out for good deals and try not to spend too much money on these games.

  7. Standard F2P model really.

    Admiralty backing is about the best deal you’ll get.

    Outside of blue team the game is fun though.

    Fortunately I know exactly where the money/doubloons are going when I buy them.

    The bureau sucks though, so does legendary tier. I’m just waiting for a model ship I won’t play in port.

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