World of warships: Legends The Yamato is here what you need to know

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If you have made it this far then thank you for stopping by, an aging gamer with a particular fondness for ship and racing. I decided to give this youtube malarky a go after server people commented on my playstyle in World of Warships Legends, so I figure hey why not if I can pass on some skills and have fun while doing it then why not, so here we are two months later with 100 subs and still enjoying it.

I want to engage more with the community as beside the usual gaming nonsense the WOWSL community is great really friendly I’m always happy to play with others and have some fun be it super serious going for the win, some general tom-foolery or providing some useful tips (I’m not the greatest player but I’m not too shabby either.

Well, I love to ramble on as you should all know by now, I’m toying with the idea of a facebook page and maybe a discord but im old and struggle with this interwebs stuff so so we will see.


  1. Where have you been brother haven’t see you on

  2. Congrats ???? for the YAMATO

  3. That last kill! ? ?

  4. Nice job dude was wondering if i was doing the right thing.
    Dropped a sub.

  5. Brub 2:14:32 thats happens to me and my team and we did end up lost, we kill all enemies and there are only one left and the destroyed capter the thing and we where not fast and I did kill 3 enermy

  6. 5 hrs ? Really ? Too much.

    • skip to the last 30 mins for yamato gameplay its basically the whole journey from start to finish.

    • I played it a few hours ago. Was 4 yamatos on each side. I sunk two and citadeled five . Got 166k which is pretty good for me considering that I am not a gamer. I’m a 67 year old fart…lol

    • @Kelly Conroy I have 2 games over 250k to go up tomorrow, and age doesnt matter at all as long as your enjoying the game that’s all that matters. 166 is pretty good going anything more than your ships hit points and your an asset to your team good work.

  7. Quite a long process to get the mighty Yamato

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