World of Warships: Legends — Tier VIII

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A new era is coming soon to World of Warships: Legends.




  1. Well honestly and looking forward to all of them 😎😎

  2. 𝕀𝕁ℕ 𝔸𝕫𝕦𝕞𝕒

    Agir and Drake are the only T8s I want but seems like I’ll just have to wait

  3. doomguy .23 from mars

    The US BB is a new ship made by the legends team in trailer is possible to see triple abd twin gun turrets on a Montana hull which is 10 guns in total

  4. The plane shot said ‘USS Montana’ on it so looks like Montana/Montana variation is gonna be the Tier VIII

    • I think Iowa and Kanas’ planes both say Montana on them too. Been like that since release.

    • So we know of 2 Montana versions as that’s Montana herself and her sister Ohio from pc so there’s only 3 sisters left and they are Louisiana New Hampshire and Maine so Montana is LT with her 16 inch guns and Ohio on pc has 18 inch guns so my guess it’s one of the remaining 3 Montana’s but with less 16 in guns than Montana

  5. Will there be community testing on these before release with NDAs? Also i hope to god to see the USS Ohio.

  6. it was hard to tell before because the effects and the camo they chose for the ship but if you look closely at the “Montana” the a turret only has 2 barrels and isn’t as wide as the b turret behind it they created a Montana hull with I’m guessing 2×2 16″ guns and 2×3 16″ guns for a total of 10 to slot in tier 8 another uss congress situation

    • @Corey Figueroa I know what Ohio is, 4 twin 457mm’s but I can see a twin turret. We will just have to wait to find out I guess.

    • @ashley marshall yeah, only 1 twin turret on the front. Therefore it’s not Ohio

    • @Corey Figueroa and Why not? Sources?😓

    • @Yoda30 look at this teaser and the second most recent teaser. As long as you have eyes and a fully functional brain, you will see that the USB BB has 1 twin and 1 triple turret on the front. Whereas the Ohio has 2 twins on the front

    • @Corey Figueroa Indeed, for those seriously thinking its an Ohio (lmao, how dumb, just imagine), at 0:19 the triple turret is easily visible. Kinda dumb they put NC in the other tech-tree line, so they were forced to create an abomination again. Apparently they just refuse to put turrets with more barrels below ones with less barrels, amusing.

  7. We told you during development years ago that 7 wasn’t enough

  8. _”A new Era is coming…”_

    Sounds to me that things are heating up this summer… not literally

  9. It’s funny. They put like confusing zig zag camo on them so it’s harder to see what it is. Just like car manufacturers do with new models of cars when they are out in the world testing them

  10. If buffalo is coming does that mean that anchorage will come? If it does then I’m super excited, I live in Alaska, not anchorage, but it’s still part of Alaska

  11. The japanese battleship is 100% Izumo

  12. Could’ve swore I saw an Allen M Sumner class destroyer

  13. Can’t wait for this to release and the built up hype ends up being all for nothing.

    • doomguy .23 from mars

      Well its 12 new ships in tech trees and they are/have reduced the cost on everything so yeah WG gotta fuck up extremely hard for this being for nothing guess we will see next update

  14. US DD look’s like a gearing class destroyer

  15. These videos keep getting clearer and clearer, maybe alluding to T8 coming out soon?🤔🤔🤔

  16. Hope this makes balance more of a thing. We gonna get a kleber buff or keep it usless with the hoard of radar cruisers recently shoved into the game?

  17. Would this make Legendary tries now tier 9?

  18. Creo haber visto el Pommen, Izumo %100, me parece que el el acorazado es el Ohio, creo que esta el búfalo, y el otro me parece el crucero tier 9 japonés que no me acuerdo como se llama xd

  19. I had to watch this on my 43″ 4K tv and yes the American battleship is Indeed a Montana with 10 guns a la Pensacola.

  20. Un tipo personalizar el torpedo estaría de lujo me rfiero relieves la cara de un tiburón el la punta del torpedo una cobra un cocodrilo con grandes colmillos y unas fraces de motivación en el torpedo para motivar a los vencidos a seguir peleando en la batalla una impactada la unidad.

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