World of Warships: Legends — Tier VIII

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A new era is coming soon to World of Warships: Legends.




  1. Biggest question ever : what ship is going to be the tier 8 Royal Navy BB ?

    • bump lion up to tier 8 monarch is questionable, but it’s the easiest ship to detonate i doubt it would go up a tier .

    • @MostEpic0803 I thought that was just premium ships they mentioned?

    • @SkiFreee it was all ships, princeblip even asked us what we guessed the filler ships would be

    • @MostEpic0803 Thanks – horrible decision in my opinion to not reshuffle tiers to more mimic PC. I dont looks to the game to be anything remotely historical or realistic, but at the same time having Iowa two tiers removed from Yamato is an insult.

    • Thunderer would be too OP, however a buffed Marlborough would be interesting, I jut watched the pc version review, and apparently the citadel is quite a problem

  2. I mean, this honna be awesome. See new ships in the game uff beauty.

  3. i’m pretty glad with this. Tier 7 could never really compete with tier legendary, this is going to severely balance the game!

    • ShayTheSwift_ 432

      @Herr Kommandant it’s a very strong premium tier 9 on pc. It feels more like a tier 10.

    • @ShayTheSwift_ 432 ah fair enough

    • @ShayTheSwift_ 432 how when everyone plays the yam and it overmatchs every ships armor in the game even when i play the iowa bow in i get slapped for 3/4 of my health i hit him nothing happens maybe 2 or 3k

    • @b1shotlewis play Georgia it can overmatch most armor as well.

    • ShayTheSwift_ 432

      @b1shotlewis for a while it was like that at tier 10 on pc too. Then a lot of new ships came out with thicker armor. Even the American tier 10 Montana only has 16″ guns, you’d still have the same issue damaging a bow in yama. Remember yama is a one of the only ships in the game armed with 18″ guns and usually the ships are armored to be able to stop their own shell caliber and size, so it’s no shock that yama is just inherently better than most other ships, even other tier 10/legendary ships.

  4. How many bureau ships will end up at tier 8 I wonder

  5. I almost forgot that the tier system of wowsl is different from wows

  6. this is a welcome addition to the game

  7. in order of appearance i could also be wrong about some and some are really difficult to see buffalo,grozovoi,izumo,ibuki,yugumo,Friedrich der grosse( Frederick the great),roon,sovetzky soyuz?, also at the end is an Iowa next to what looks like a buffalo and another ship American twin 5″ guns can’t tell if its primaries or secondaries.

  8. Here are the ships that I’m near certain I saw: Izumo, Ibuki, Yugumo, Roon, Fredrich der Grosse, Buffalo, Allan M Sumner(this one may or may not be true tho, makes sense because we already have fletcher at tier 7 however) possibly Seattle as the other American cruiser but it’s very hard to tell on that one. There is also something Russian but I couldn’t tell what it is since we all only got a shot of the mast but if I had to guess I would say dimitri donskoi

  9. I’ve been hoping for this since the game launched

  10. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    This one update will be the balancing we need for this game

  11. Supermarine Spitfire mk. IX

    I can’t wait to pay 30,000,000 credits for a ship with 200,000 credit service fee.
    I hope they balance the cost of all tech tree ships, and lower servicing costs. I want to be able to actually acquire a tier 8 ship for a reasonable price, and for it to be economically worth it to play.

    • One of the devs said on discord that an economy rebalance was due when t8 launched. Whether or not it actually comes with t8 or sometime after, they didn’t say.

    • Well it can’t be as bad than legendary tier.

    • Stack your credits. Play T5 or T6 premiums with a epic credit booster and go farm. Best way to get ahead is start preparing now. The way they’re dropping small bits of info is making it seem like T8 drops with the upcoming update.

  12. Exciting just hope doesn’t take too long to get some ships going

  13. I saw Buffalo, Seattle, Izumo, Roon, Allen M. Sumner(Maybe?), Possibly Yugumo, and in the last couple frames at the top. You can literally see the belt armor of a Montana hull so I expect one of the Montana’s. Ohio wouldn’t make sense bc she’s Tier X plus a premium. Perhaps we’re getting another Montana in the form of maybe Maine, New Hampshire, or Louisiana? This is great and all but all this does is cause more questions. Need more Info! Excited to grab more BB’s though even though BB play is pretty fucking horrendous at times.

  14. the ship at 0:06 is absolutely the Buffalo. Straight stacks, blacktopped, the crows nest on the SS that sticks out a bit, and an AA placement on the bow with a single anchor.
    Near as i can tell, the ship at 0:12 is a DD Yugumo. Double stack, single front turret, but its hard to distiguish much.

  15. The ships I was Minnesota (This will hopefully be after USS Kansas) I dont know what will follow Iowa, Buffalo, Seattle, Sumner, Izumo, Ibuki and Yugomo. For Germany I saw Fredrich Der Grosse, Roon and for the Soviet Union I could not tell what ships there were. I’m so looking forward!

  16. Looking forward to seeing the Tier 8 ships whatever they end up being. A big thank you to WG for listening to their fanbase about improving the quality of the game

  17. Ah finally! The tier that the Weimar should have been released in originally.

  18. I wonder which USN BB will become T8, since we already already have Iowa at T7 & Montana at LT?

  19. So when is tier 8 being released? I’d like to know so I can get ready.

  20. When are we getting submarines in Legends? I’m so ready to play with them!

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