World of Warships: Legends — Under the Black Flag

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Seadogs, scallywags, and buccaneers – it’s yarrr time to shine in the chase of shiny golden pieces! This update brings a lot of content: Pirate booty, Tier VIII reinforcements, Brewing Storm campaign, Black Friday deals, and that’s not all. Watch to learn more and yarr the tide! |

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  1. So the b ships are this time tech tree ships?

  2. I speek for All of us, Bismarck B is going to be the most bought ship ever

    • @gee Gee but Bismarck B is premium

    • @Reaper_ Guardian_ premium may be pushing it, a black paint and gold text won’t make it premium lol. They’re nerfong main battery range and giving it secondary range. It’s going to be as bad as full secondary mackenson, you’ll have like 13km secondaries but 5km main battery

    • @BBoy Robotic it’s not JB it’s a sister ship

  3. Graf Zeppelin Buff YEA BABY YEA

  4. it seems the only black ship i can afford is black dante alighieri…

  5. Italy would like to have a word with you

  6. Grand Admiral Olav Norsleie

    Would have been cool if we got a pirate flag.

  7. doomguy .23 from mars

    Ah a teaboo

  8. So December is the month they gonna release Custom. Dang…

  9. We should have a Tirpitz B.

  10. @doomguy .23 from mars yeeah

  11. Seems like a solid update…But uh………range mod gets a 5% buff only reinforcing the fact cruisers out range BB’s if you run full range……Because a full range spec’d with this buff. 203’s can quite LITERALLY out range 406’s by 2-full-kms(That’s if my math is correct given the level of my commanders).

  12. @Insomniac Manic there is a difference there since at least the German navy at least did something during the war than just sit the entire navy in port to be bombed

  13. @King of the Grimm Italy had the fifth largest navy in 1940 and was a pretty big threat in the Mediterranean because the British was so spread thin, that being said they did have some big defeats and the lack of oil/fuel did make they remain in port until they surrendered

  14. Can we please get more consistent ranked seasons, like one starts as soon as the other ends.

  15. Wheres the daring seen super testers with it unless its coming mid update

  16. Still no new italy ships, atleast 1 vs 1 is back and i love the bismarck B

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