WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (PS4 Pro)

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World of Warships: Legends Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 includes a Review and Gameplay for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. This World of Warships: Legends Game Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, all Ships, Techtree, Console Gameplay, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Single Player and more until the Ending!

You can kickstart your naval career in World of Warships: Legends by choosing from three different Founder’s Packs (Premium, Deluxe and Ultimate Edition) to get a treasure trove of content including powerful warships, currency, Boosters, Premium time, and more! Plus, check out the game’s legendary naval Commanders to find one that suits your own unique playstyle.

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  1. Yasss first comment lol love ya brad?

  2. What?! The Radbrad plays world of Warships ?! (For the first time in forever )

  3. Jhin freakinthicc

    10k likea for this ?

  4. I was just watching GOD OD WAR 4 ep 36

  5. Man doing great for the children’s hospital

  6. Well !!! its not a walkthrough,its a swimthrough!!!!!????

  7. Appreciate all the support you show this video. I love raising money for children’s hospital any chance I can and I’m just thankful to be in this position. Much love to all of you.

  8. Nice keep up the good work bro love the content
    More world war z plz really have been enjoying that series
    And have a good day man and the rest of ya’ll

  9. Keep it UP i’ve been watching you since 2012

  10. You should check out the Mighty Jingles for World of Warships lessons.

    Under water things…Called Torpedos….lol

  11. Next up: Radbrad plays World Of Tanks

  12. Are you going to continue playing sekiro?
    I always wait for that upload…

  13. Torpedoes are excellent for killing battleships, Wyoming is a battleship.

  14. You should play watchdogs 3 when it comes out

  15. Should’ve left a link to the children’s hospital so people can donate

  16. I love, and enjoy, and like your videos, and your walkthroughs that you make for us to watch on YouTube Brad

  17. World of warships sponsor radbrad?
    Lol, Im shocked by wargaming

    • They always do this. They got Levelcap to do World of Tanks. They pay these guys big bucks for sponsored content, but have dozens of “community contributors” that promote them for free.

  18. Hey Brad! Great video and thank you for donating to kids in need. Super sweet ❤️

  19. No hate man, I love your vids but as an experienced player of WoWs this was kinda painful to watch xD

  20. Play saints row 1 and 2 please
    Those are fun games

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