World of Warships: Legends x Transformers

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The World of Warships: Legends and Transformers collaboration has started! Get ready to put Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, and Rumble in charge of your ships and take them into battle! Check out the trailer to learn more!

Turn the Tide!

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  1. 2:35
    Megatron: are you ready to burn from my secondaries
    Optimus Prime: I need gun transfer speed

  2. Or they could send out transformers who ACTUALLY CAN transform into actual ships :/ especially the decepticons

  3. Iowa Prime: One shall stand, and one shall fall
    Bismatron: Why throw away your life so recklessly?

  4. Want the Darth Vader commander….oh wait that’s a future patch.

  5. Seriously not worth buying these commanders . They are not good like azure lane or Halloween comannders of the past. These transformers look kinda cook
    .and this is its. Thats there gimmic..As captains they are a joke compared to whats been offered to us in the past
    Was ready to drop 30k dubs on this today. But I’ll be saving my money after seeing these paultry offerings.

  6. Transform and sail out !?. I wanna see bismarck Transform into a giant gun 🔫

  7. Megatron plans on sinking like the Bismarck

  8. Well at least the ships look amazing

  9. Again weres starsceam 😭😭😩😩

  10. D paste • 21 years ago

    rip for my computer

  11. This is such a weird combination

  12. I like how the wind shields in Optimus moves and if it’s only when it’s raining that’s cool

  13. Wish you could grind and nout buy them

  14. And is then that World of Warships jumped the shark…

  15. If only there where ways to earn the camo’s instead of having to buy them

  16. Not worth the money. The voices are horrible.

  17. This looks so comical its actually great

  18. You over priced this by 75 dollars. To bad because a lot of people like transformers.



  20. Therapist: “Regular-size Rumble is not real, it cannot hurt you!”

    Regular-size Rumble:

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