World of Warships Legends – Xbox One Preview and Gameplay

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Note: At 3:11 I state the beta is capped at tier 7. Tier 7 will actually be the highest tier. Sorry for any confusion.

Today I have a very special video for you. This is your first look at World of Warships Legends on Xbox One. In this preview I will walk you through the game and the gameplay. I’ll go over some controls as well as key differences between Legends and World of Warships Proper. This is not just a port. Legends is its own stand alone game, and I think you will enjoy it!

Remember this is a beta and work in progress. Please go to this site to sign up for the closed beta:


  1. Even though it is similar to World of Warships, everything looks DIFFERENT!!!

  2. Christ, that was quick!

  3. The graphics look a bit better and what I love the most is that the ships feel bigger, or rather more proportional. In WoWs even battleships look small. Also, I hope they take this as an opportunity to experiment with new things, like for example pre-dreadnought battleships and armored cruisers.

  4. The quality looks aweful. Surely they can increase the quality before it releases.

  5. The shell ribbons lack contrast and look unrecognizable, though.

  6. Wow I did not know it’s on Xbox

  7. Augustuvi Primce dea.V.

    I haven’t turn on my Xbox one,, almost for 1 year and a half,
    I can buy 10 Xbox with my PC rig’s budget, and Xbox anywhere gives me no reason to play on the downgraded version

  8. Wow i was told i couldn’t do this do to the nda!

    • The NDA was for the closed alpha, we can only stream the closed beta as they said in forums. Once the closed is over with it’s back to silence. I’ll see you on the ocean fellow alpha

  9. Ill start streaming every game to show how it plays

  10. Mr. Zoup, is there an options menu? Maybe change the button settings?

    EDIT: Oh never mind, there is one… shown near the end, lol. xD

    • Hmm, I kind of like how the circle of the aiming reticle divides itself based on how many of your guns are aiming at a moment. x]

  11. I started playing about 6 months ago, after playing within a few months of release and taking a very long break, but I’ll definitely be happy to have my friends play it with me on console!

  12. Is Great Britain not in the game?

  13. I didn’t know there were Italian, Poland ships and UK Destroyers or German Destroyer
    In the mobile version

  14. No thank you, the only way that this will be successful is if it is cross platform compatible.

  15. The Alpha felt weird!

  16. I wish they just ported to the consoles and that I could use my PC account on my PS4.

  17. Could be wise to add this port will be on PS4 too. Apart from that looks interesting on the upgrade mechanics for ships and commanders and not much else.

  18. I literally signed up and it said sign up now to get rewards on the full realise and the *CHANCE* get the closed beta…

  19. If there’s no CV gameplay, then why was the CV rework changed to be about the planes now? I’ll never understand that part. I guess the game looks ok for console. A bit too easy but I guess it’s better to draw people in than deter them away with grind.

  20. WoT Console is a thing you know.

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