World of Warships: Legends Yamato Confirmed with details

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Greetings fellow Captains and welcome back, Today wargaming announced the upcoming Giant Of the Sea Mission that will unlock the Yamato, Details on the ship, how matchmaking will work and a new game mode. Enjoy….


  1. hell yeah can’t wait to get the yamato!

  2. Will WoWsL have legendary tier battles (for legendary ships only). You know like i.e. Yamato, North Carolina, Missouri, HMS Hood etc.etc.

    • The hood isn’t strong enough, maybe HMS Conquer that was built at the end of the war, don’t know about a legendary mode but you can have two teams full of legendary teir ships

  3. I don’t think we’re ready for these ship’s. Filling gaps like British cruisers, French destroyers, Russian navy and Italian respectively. I understand it’s an event, fair enough but it’s just a quick money grab. ?

  4. I wish we could buy it what’s the point in grinding for it

  5. He s gonna be huge like a dino from Jurassic park

  6. Bring Musashi in for balance lmao ??

  7. Thanks for the info, much appreciated and can’t wait to test it out and see how it is to be torped also, glad to see the British cruiser line finally coming also

  8. digitalcareline A&H Models

    Domination mode will be tough with a Yamato team – although solo warrior and kraken are off the table for the opposing  team of DDs – I guess matchmaker will put equal numbers of Yamato on each team.  Warm up the Kagero, I’m going duck hunting!  Chris

  9. This will be the best thing in the game yet.

    I was dying inside to play with Tier 10 ships!

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