World of Warships Legends

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Surprise! It’s me! Again. Welcome to the first unofficial video of my alleged “time off”. And this time it’s (almost) an exclusive!

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  1. Can’t wait for this game who’s with me

  2. Plz can u play cold waters again? We need commander jingles mcjingleberry

  3. 1 view 22 comments makes sense

  4. Bad game Pensacola sailing broadside on to a battleship not sufficiently paddled

  5. remove arty from the…oh wait, wrong game

  6. “Im sailing the USS Texas here” Oh Jingles, never change!!

  7. Jingles that’s the Arizona

  8. Umm, that looks to be USS Arizona not USS Texas

  9. good old USS texazona

  10. 3:37 Sailing the uss Texas jingles? Go drunk you’re home

  11. “I’m sailing the USS Texas here.” That’s quite a feat to pull off while sailing an Arizona, Jingles.

  12. As a Texan I am fine with annexing Arizona

  13. Meanwhile, In World of Tanks Console, every is like,” Give us some love Jingles”

    *Jingles proceeds to give us about 2 seconds where he mentions Console World of Tanks, then forgets us*

    • WOT Console is terrible since they introduced the merc made up tanks… I play on all formats. Heck even blitz can be fun at times..

    • +The Retro Pirate Mercs, lazy reskins, and ‘reworked’ maps with terrible balance

    • +TACOCHEEZE _ Yep it’s almost unplayable now.. 🙁

    • +TACOCHEEZE _ dont really feel the same way. Mercenary tanks are a fun way of introducing new tanks without having to dig through the history books and documents to find some obscure “super conqueror” or shit like that. And I dont know I’m not feeling the terrible map balance. I can still enjoy all types of tank on most maps.

    • +The Zesty Lime098 Good point but all the merc tanks are hybrids.. They never existed not even in blueprints. But this is a WOWS video so a goodnight from me 😉

  14. I am in a Texas-Jingles 2018…in an Arizona…the internet loves you Jingles. Also the PS4 does allow for mouse and keyboard ?

  15. Looks like they borrowed a lot of the progression and commander stuff from armored warfare. Interesting that they did pay attention to that game.

  16. “I’m sailing USS Texas here”
    *proceeds to zoom out, showing the unmistakable silhouette of a Pennsylvania class*

  17. jingles yeah you are crap!

  18. I am going to Enjoy being a Console Peasant again. Because Now, I get to play WoWs in Console and the glorious PC

  19. ha ha Ill laugh why not

  20. The PC system is superior even if it requires more work. You can get very specifically trained captains.
    I think the best way to describe the legends commanders is that they offer support for “some of everything” but won’t let you build an OP X or Y build like PC does.

  21. yes, he can – but then he not only has to sometimes change before every game(which is quick, but can get tedious), but he only has those 5-10 skills/options to choose from. Meanwhile, if he gets other Cmdrs to 19, then he can have many different Cmdrs with sometimes BETTER skill options than his default original Cmdr 🙂

  22. Get back to the salt mines and think about what you’ve done!

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