World of Warships: Lenin vs T10

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Playing some Lenin. This is what Nelson should’ve been like.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Soviet Lenin on the map Northern Lights.


  1. 2nd… I think?

  2. I’ll be honest, the *only* reason I made this video is because the camo looks neat.

    • Aerroon and lit ?

    • Aerroon, that’s not camouflage, that’s parade paint. I saw that you were having some lousy luck with
      your guns. Your shooting looked normal to me. I love my Lenin; she has a vicious punch! I have 1 shot’ed
      so many cruisers from almost all angles. Keep at it.

    • Don’t have the fancy cammo yet. Actually, I just got the fancy for the Oktober Revolution and I think it looks much better.

    • Lenin looks like quite a large ship. Evident when you passed the Yamato

  3. In soviet russia world of warships plays you.Also let your team get some kills you know that sharing is caring,right?

  4. Just got her and still getting used to her.

  5. stefanos perivolaris

    *T8 bb die lenin*

  6. 3:52 You should’ve shot the black instead.

  7. Hey Aerroon, what´s the name of the captain you used in this vid?

  8. Bow on RU-BB ofc you want to shoot HE. AP just bounces around. RU-BBs are the most booring BB-line in the game.

  9. Gareth Fairclough

    It’s like a Nelson, but BLYAtter.

  10. Just picked up the Lenin from the PR 3rd Directive crate! Spooky that you then uploaded a YouTube video… And no, I’m not grinding the PR as I have a life, but more for the resources. Hadn’t realised she was a tier 8, thought it was 7. Look forward to playing her. Thanks for the showcase.

  11. I got her from Mega gift. Lenin is really stronk.

  12. Which ships have limited Damage Control? I’ve never seen that before.

  13. Lenin… “she”… naaah, man… sounds weird even a ship is a “she” 😀

  14. I love my Lenin, erasing cruisers left and right is a lot of fun.

  15. Looking at the enemy in the bottom left of the map and your teams hinddenburg stuck on the 9 and 10 line not to mention being top tiered and in a brilliant ship shows the increasing number of players that don’t want to play pvp. A solution WG either allow players a choice of modes or introduce the ever shrinking cloud of Halloween 😉 you don’t move you die. 😉

    • umm… players who really don’t want to do pvp can just pick co-op mode and play against bots. once you have unlocked the training room, you could even create your own single player matches against bots as well. so what you are asking WG to implement is already there, or have I misunderstood you?

    • Fancy a Bev Mate?

      @Th. K. WG has zero interest in players playing co op they are one of the very few developers that penalises players for not playing pvp much lower xp, credits etc (personally I love pvp especially the 1v1 matches) but just because I love it this company shouldn’t force players into it and so it’s the reason most play randoms for the extra bonuses when you can clearly see on all severs more and more players are running left and right clearly showing how scared they are of confrontation with real players. Cheers

    • I hadn’t considered the in-game economy perspective, so thanks for pointing that out 🙂  personally, I like to play ships I just unlocked in co-op just to get a feel for them in low stakes conditions before going back to random mode, but I also don’t spend a lot of thought on the economy because I’m a very casual player who is most comfortable in the T5-7 range, so the grind for credits to buy high tier ships is not an issue for me. but if you are a player who wants to get to the top tiers, then the difference in possible earnings between co-op and random is of course a factor that matters a lot. and pvp game is where you get stuff like (semi-) regular changes in the meta, which means re-skilling captains, which means spending dubloons, so… in  the end it’s all about money. who would have thought?  ;-D

  16. Good Battle comrade. You send many capitalist and fascist pigs to their graves. No Gulag for you this time. 😉

  17. The renaissance man

    Got one on a super container 2 days ago, got only 3 battles yet on it, but what I´ve noticed so far is the sigma is not so great and pen too (like Aerronn as find out).. but then again 3 battles all t10 ones so the targets are tougher ..other substancial thing I´ve noticed is the torpedo protection belt its weak as fuck.

    360 degree B turret allows for more flexibility when kiting when compared to other designs with all forward guns, such as Nelson or Jean Bart
    Excellent forward firing angles, able to fire all guns at just 27 degrees off the bow
    Superb gun handling, with a base turret traverse of 6 degrees per second
    Reasonably stealthy, with a minimum concealment value of 13.1km
    Fast recharging Damage Control Party ensures that you will never take a full duration fire if properly managed
    His 100mm ‘icebreaker bow’ helps mitigate overmatch damage from Yamato and Musashi
    Resistant to HE, with thick deck and upper belt plating

    Penetration is low for a battleship, with values near the lower end of her overall matchmaking spread- inferior penetration at all ranges to Nagato at T7, and even the West Virginia 1941 at T6
    Worse sigma than Vladivostok
    The AA defense leaves much to be desired, especially against T10 carriers
    Above water citadel is very vulnerable if improperly angled
    You can run out of Damage Control Party charges if improperly utilized

  18. Ahh yes, the old Comrade Nelson, or “how to feed Red Teams 3 times in one game.” As Yuro says in Smolensk video: “In Soviet Russia: Balans means Balans.” (@7:50) I see they’re partially implementing the shooting through islands for Russian ships. What is the fire chance on this one?

  19. good BB, just the dispersion sometime trollish

  20. WG: Imma drink, till Nelson turns more soviet.

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