World of Warships – Leningrad Ranked Rumble

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on Trident in Ranked play moves out to support the team around A. The enemy also moves for A point, we brawl around it and I try to find any opening in their defense. We get a chance to eliminate a enemy and the game drags into a close finish. Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Leningrad Replay


  1. Wow, I’m early to a Notser video!

  2. Lego stop motion movies!!!

    well they are the small region and I allow him

  3. Lego stop motion movies!!!

    he says that

  4. Belfast is too OP!!!!

  5. SHE! Not he! (Sorry)

  6. Glad I already made it to rank 1 <3

  7. Huh, I have yet to hear anyone I WATCH say the Leningrad was a bad idea, in fact most people I watch say the Leningrad is highly competitive and suggested – even if perhaps not the first choice for some. But even then, I still have yet to hear anything AGAINST the Leningrad in ranked!

    Wow, you play without Expert Marksman or the turret mod, you are a braver soul than I…

  8. A lot of the guys I watch are also EU players, but I have yet to hear them say that NA was “bad” skill wise in random or ranked – that said I don’t follow anyone on Twitch. I mean sure, we have a smaller population than EU – because the gaming landscape is so different here in North America, I think it is unfortunate that NA seems to place more value on Triple A games – also FAR more “Gamers” in North America are on CONSOLE only! There are actually statistics from studies that show an approximation of total % of games played by “System” (PC, PS4, XB1) – an North America just so happens to have one of the HIGHEST Console gamer %s in the world.
    And as a result I would EXPECT that NA would have fewer skilled players in total – its simple math and numbers really. If you have more people playing more often, more people will become more skilled, and one must become equally or higher skilled in order to compete – also as a result of more players, there will also be a larger variation on play styles and metas, more people will develop better skills and that only makes it harder for a player to distinguish themselves – and a feedback loop of skill just grows as time increases.

    I don’t watch twitch streams, but there is some sort of Drama between Buisness6 and Flamu for some reason… Business seems to think Flamu has said that all NA players are terrible in terms of skill, and even Cited Flamu making a clan by the name of “NALOL” -which I cannot find ANY evidence of any such clan ever having existed, let alone Busienes6’s assertion that “NALOL” was named such TO MAKE FUN OF players from the NA server…

    I don’t quite know where any of that came from, maybe Flamu was talking all kinds of shit on NA players on Twitch, but from everything I have seen, he is not that kind of person. In any case, I just found the whole situation bizarre when Business6 posted that video… I would not even assume that the clan tag of NALOL means that NA is full of potatoes, unless that is exactly what the creator of it said.

  9. I use a Leningrad for ranked battles with a 19 point captain. AFT, CE, SE build.

    It’s superior to any of the other T7 DD’s. The only ones that are close are the Blyskawica and the Kiev. The Sims is terrible at range. Mahan is laughable. Shiratsuyu dies easily once spotted. Maass is rarely used… but should be.

  10. The Lenningrad is a very good ship in the right hands.

  11. The Leningrad has a lot of advantages in ranked; early on a cap point because of the speed, great guns and range, lot of hp. Not a position play ship and needs to get out in the open, behind enemy lines to harass the crap out of the opponent and draw some fire. Really difficult to hit at range so can easily stay alive.

  12. When will us get a 20min Noster torpedobeat?

  13. your playstyle is……….interesting

  14. Maybe you can learn something in your Super Elite Region that isn’t North America….WGAfrica acknowledges your compliment.
    However we have nothing to learn from you. Our canoes will dominate Ranked battle this season.

  15. Strategy?? I never get on teams that have that. every time I get to Rank 10 I lose EVERY match… no matter what I do or play.

  16. you are referring to Flamus` suggestion of ships 😉
    He himself sort of stepped back from his selection a bit lately

  17. You shouldn’t really care about what other experts say. I’m pretty sure other regions have the same amount of idiots like NA. Just because you have this interesting Commander in Tweet doesn’t mean everyone over there is as ‘interesting’ as him and the same applies to other interesting people in other regions. Enjoy your play and share the joy. Give a fuck about the rest 😉

  18. what a cunt xD….

  19. You sounded a bit mentally unstable at 8:42…

  20. Question, would you run the same setup on the Polish DD as well? The major difference between them is Leningrad has slightly better guns, but fewer of them (and they turn slower)), slightly better torps and rudder shift (though larger turning circle).

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