World of Warships – Leningrad Review – Hybrid Russian Destroyer!

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Russian destroyer guns? Check. US versatility? Check. Viable torpedoes? Check. Meet a very flexible premium Russian destroyer, the Leningrad. Sit back and enjoy 🙂


  1. noooooooo this shit sucks ass I wanted to Belfast to be first to come out
    next month not this Destroyer

  2. lol ichase is still pink

  3. Another gramiashy but today a tier7

  4. DD Leningrad in Leningrad Port (St. Petersburg)

  5. Like I can ever hit a stalinium rocket powered ship. 43 knots are you

  6. but, but, but, does it have immunity to the Russian detection penalty while
    firing like the Gremmy?????????

  7. I have a blysk, do you think this is superior and/or worth my purchase?

  8. All these T7 dds and the Sims torps still suck.

  9. funny how the horrible OP kiev has much less HP than any other T7, slower
    rudder, much larger turn radius and pitiful stealth and basically useless

  10. So, it’s actually better than the Tier 8 Tashkent…. It has much better
    Torps ( much faster, but 1 less tube ), Same speed, Much better turning
    circle and much better rudder shift, the guns are about equal and it’s also

  11. gremy 2.0

  12. leningred dd on dd violence approved

  13. Screw Wargaming. Leningrad was an actual class of destroyers(class no
    single ship like Scharny) and they put it as premium, while Kiev is a paper
    ship and regular in game

  14. another soviet premium…. great….

  15. Who is downvoting you Chase…

  16. Don’t know why they went with Leningrad instead of Baku, which had the best
    war record of the Leningrad-class destroyer leaders. And would also leave
    Leningrad available as a tech tree ship if the Russian DD line gets a split
    like the Japanese.

  17. When is this coming to the stores?

  18. *gasp* iChase the TEAMKILLER!

  19. Still pink?

  20. Damn it WG stop with the Wallet Abuse! How am I supposed to afford all this
    stuff? Gotta go get a 2nd job I guess.

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